Monday, December 17, 2007

Witchy Girls Yule Night

Saturday evening I’ve been to the tenth Witchy Girls Night in Amsterdam. The theme was Yule this time. We all brought a little present to put in Sorcha’s cauldron. I bought a fragrance bear, a cute little teddy bear with a mini-bottle of essential oil. Luna took it out of the cauldron. I had two little candles with hearts in round earthenware cups.
We did a wonderful ritual. In a short but interesting guided meditation we got a gift. I knew it was a key immediately. Then I saw that is was in a transparent box with a white bow and my (real) name engraved in white. When I unwrapped it, I found a beautiful old-looking key. A special present, though I’m not sure what it is meant for…
We talked about Yule, winter, cold and dark days; what it means to us. I don’t have a problem with winter. I like to light candles in the evening and snuggle up on the couch with tea and chocolate. It is a time to retire and look inside yourself. I love a real winter, freezing with sun and some snow. I’m rather too cold than too hot. Yuletide is a cozy time with decorating a tree and the rest of our home, sending and receiving cards, decorated streets… All seasons have their own charm though!
Each of us had brought a big candle to charge with energy. While someone was charging her candle, I gave her reiki at the same time to add extra power. I had enough energy built up to charge my own candle. If we need light and energy during dark days the candle will give it.
At the end of the ritual Sorcha told us she wanted to take a sabbatical year for the Witchy Girls, because she has a lot on her mind with the Ara initiation, Silver Circle course and her family. In this year Luna and Noukie will take over and after that we’ll see.
After the ritual we gathered around the table, drank tea / wine / juice and snacked. We chatted about everything and nothing, just had a good time. Close to midnight Ron came to pick me up.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful gathering/ritual.

    Happy Solstice and bright blessings, Tink!

  2. Sounds like real quality time with good friends :-)

    I do agree, Yuletide is great and I do love the cold crispy air too - and snow of course (we finally got it in Oslo, Norway too!).

    Wishing you God Jul :-)

  3. Sounds very special to me !
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, we are leaving in an hour for Amsterdam to celebrate there with our son. Tomorrow evening I am back. I posted COT already !

  4. This is very beautiful. I like this darkest of the seasons, too. It is a time to do exactly what you describe.

    Happy New Year!


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