Thursday, December 27, 2007

TT #68: resolutions


Thirteen 2007 resolutions and the results

Last year I did my last TT of December about New Year's resolutions. I started to say why they are a curse. Perhaps I should have stopped right there...! ;-)

  • go back inside and make contact with myself again, learn to accept and honour myself (read more here) - the Goddess knows I tried, but it is an ongoing struggle...
  • lose weight (what's new..?) - o yes I did! I lost almost 20 kilo's; I just gained them back the last months... *big sigh*
  • bring back regularity in my eating pattern - again, everything I did better in the first nine months I spoiled in the last three months...
  • be more involved in planning and preparing dinner - I tried, but not hard enough. I just hate cooking...
  • exercise more frequently - I did walk as much as possible for some time and I do aquaspinning once a week, but I can't say I succeeded on this point...
  • meditate - I meant outside rituals and special events. Well, rarely if never...
  • drink less Diet Coke - big failure, I drink the same amount or more...
  • work on my Temple of ARA petition - still not ready...
  • spend more time in nature - not as much as I would have liked...
  • be more active again in snail mail projects (PostcardFairies, PostCrossing, etc.) - nah, not really been active there...
  • visit the pet shelter for "cuddle duty" - not done yet, I don't plan to as long as Ron is home from work
  • make time to let the creative juices flow - I wish i had, I still miss it...
  • say NO more often, be assertive - hmmm, yeah sometimes...

Not a great score, don't you think? That's why I'm not making any new resolutions this time!
Are you brave enought to make resolutions for 2008???


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  1. I don't know about my 2008 resolutions. I'm with you on the diet ones, up and down, right now weigh (way) up :)
    Happy TT to you...

  2. Best wishes in accomplishing some of your resolutions for 2008.

    Personally, I don't make New Year's resolutions. I figure that if it's something that I need to be doing, why should I wait until the first of the year to start?

  3. You did not do so badly! Good luck for next year! :)

  4. Congratulations on the ones you did manage to follow. I never make resolutions myself, so no guilt at not managing to follow them!

  5. You aquaspin once a week! That's very impressive. Concentrate on the positive as you go into 2008 (and thanks for visiting my TT).

  6. I've been brave and posted my 2008 resolutions on my blog for my TT.

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

  7. It seems to me like you did a fantastic job this year. That's a lot to accomplish in a year. I admire your courage to take it face on. This year I used the book "The year I will..." with great success. Maybe that will help?

    I'll look forward to your plans for 2008!

    My TT is up: People that inspired in 2007

  8. Happy new year! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I don't think I need to make resolutions this year...never keep them! Urgh! However, I wish I was more assertive too....wish I could say "no" more often! Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!


  10. I have a personal philosophy of never making New Year's Resolutions. Why set myself up for failure?

    Good luck on your's though. It sounds like you got farther last year that many would have.

  11. I dont make resolutions...I use to but I just gave up. I would like to get in shape this year. We will see how that works out for me. Happy TT:)

  12. Great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come take a look at the most popular resolutions of the New year!


  13. I quit making resolutions. Now I have a set of goals I work toward, goals that change depending on what's going on in my life and not by the calendar.

    Here's to a better 2008, though.

  14. Cooking time is something I need to work on, too.

    Cuddle time at the pet shelter sounds like a great thing to do. I'll have to look into it around here.

  15. Good for've at least thought about it...I don't make resolutions as I never keep them. Hope your new year brings you blessings and health.

  16. Sounds like you made progress. Allchage and transformation takes time. May the fire of metamophisis burn away what you wish to cast away so that only the beauty of your spirit remains.

    Happy TT

  17. I have never made New Year's Resolutions -- I was thinking of starting this year. It is to laugh more. I actually need to be reminded of this. Sad, I know.

  18. The way I see it you didn't fail you can just build off what you are doing there is only so much time in a day to do things & still have time for yourself you have done somethings on your list so that is a plus just go from there a little at a time goes a long way

  19. That's why I never make or made New Year resolutions, lol ! So I don't have to keep them.
    BTW it was even worse then I expected, Amsterdam has no Christmas decoration or very very poor ! I have never seen a town in Europe where Christmas is so ignored and I saw quite a lot. My "DIL" told me that decorating the city only starts.

  20. Good Luck! And some very nice resolutions:) I don't know about mine but will do it next week;-) Thanks for sharing!
    Here's mine for this week!
    Thursday 13
    Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

  21. I wish I am able to lose 20 kilos too!

  22. Yes, my resolution is to play with the kids more...say no, less...and use positive reinforcement.

    Thanks for sharing your TT! Good list...and funny.

    Happy TT!
    Come see me, too! :)

  23. I resolve to make no resolutions. Does that mean I've accomplished it or not? Not sure. :-D

  24. Looking back can be motivating when moving forward ... thanks for sharing and inspiring

    My TT is dedicated to my fellow TTeners, bloggers, family, and friends.

    Live, laugh, love, and learn in 2008!

  25. Great post.

  26. i have not made my list yet for new years.

    i have too much to do.

  27. I actually consider them as "goals" instead of resolutions; semantics but subtly different and more attainable. I wrote about some yesterday. My TT is up about my guy who turns 49 this weekend.

  28. Let's hear it for accountability! How brave of you to share your results in this T-13. I wonder how many who are sharing their resolutions this year will be so bold next year? I have a friend who creates resolutions faithfully each year then promptly continues living life the way she always does. I tend to avoid such things altogether these days ... preferring to take one day at a time and meander through what comes up.
    Hugs and blessings,

  29. Exercise..I need tat too..

  30. That's also why I don't bother to do them either. Congrats on the weight loss...that's my biggie problem.

    Happy Thursday!

  31. I've given up on New Year's *resolutions*, but I do have quiet talks with myself. :-) Happy New Year!

  32. I am a firm believer in Rollover. Goals that are not met to my satisfaction are simply rolled over to the next year without beating myself up for not hitting the mark. Remember "life is a journey; not a destination. So quit running!"

    My Thursday Thirteen #62 13 People Who Left Us in 2007 edition. Stop by if you get a chance.

  33. I can't seem to stop Diet Coke either. I'm not brave enough to make resolutions...I don't want to be mad at myself if/when I stop doing them.

  34. I am just bookmarking everyone ELSE'S resolutions for future reference. I did resolve not to change myself except in ways that will make me feel more relaxed and happy...which is a hard one for a workaholic like me.

  35. I normally don't make resolutions - maybe I should?

    About yours and you: I think you should be and stay the way you are as I love reading your blog the way it is :-)

    Happy 2008!

  36. i'm working on number one right now! those are good goals but doing too much all at once can backfire. best wishes for 2008. :)

  37. Your resolutions are alike mine. Hope we can accomplish some this year. Happy New Year.

  38. I make goals for the new year but not resolutions. The difference I'm drawing is that resolutions are about those things we want to change while my goals are those things I want to add. There's a mental difference there that works for me.

    I plan on posting my goals on the third if not earlier. Many are not directly within my control as they'll depend on finances and other people, but that's okay. When it comes to goals, 90% is in the trying as that's all you get to control anyway. :)

    I print my list out and hang it where I can see it, or have the list as the first document I look at daily so I can keep track of where I am during the year. I think most of us drink away from our goals when we lost track of them under the stress of daily life. Staying focused makes all the difference...for me anyway.

    Good luck on those you carry over to the new year and those new ones you incorporate into '08.


  39. I am so glad other people are as pathetic as I am! Sorry I've taken so long in responding to your Pink Flamingo visit.

    The Pink Flamingo

  40. I never make New Year's resolutions... mostly, I make morning resolutions, particularly Monday mornings--it's why I love Monday mornings: it always seems like anything's possible.

    I'm with you on #4, though: I keep trying to be more involved with planning & preparing dinner, but it doesn't take much to make me backslide. I know I'd be thinner and healthier if I could keep it up.


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