Sunday, November 12, 2006

Late Halloween

Last Friday Lothanna organised her annual Halloween Party. This time it was a bit later, because it also was a house warming. Lothanna and her boyfriend live together now in an appartment in Den Haag (The Hague). It is a nice and cosy appartment and they have furnished and decorated it with beautiful things. Ron and I bought a basket with a plant in it and I made a card to go with it.
Last year Ron didn't want to come along, but this time I managed to persuade him. He just wore black clothes, but that was okay (he looks gorgeous in black anyway!). Here's a picture of me. I wore the blouse I bought at Castlefest this year with... don't be shocked... a black skirt. Yeah, can you believe I bought a skirt for myself?? Unfortunately it's not visible on the picture. I bought it with Ron in the afternoon, he convinced me. The last skirt/dress of my own was my wedding dress in 1995. :-)
It was a very enjoyable party, but Ron and I were both very tired so we left around midnight.

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