Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Robbie DVD

Yesterday I've bought the new Robbie Williams DVD "And Through It All". It contains over 50 live performances from 1997 to 2006. Robbie live on DVD is the next best thing after going to a concert yourself. From his first Paris show in 1997 to the global stadium stages of today, And Through It All follows Robbie’s journey up the ladder of superstardom. Slane Castle, Knebworth, Live 8, special TV performances... It's all there. An amazing DVD (2 discs) from an amazing singer/entertainer!


  1. so jealous. mine hasn't shipped across the pond to texas yet.
    can't wait.

  2. Robbie Williams is the new LL Cool J

  3. je hebt me helemaal gehersenspoeld met je Robbie Williams :) Ik kan nu geen liedje meer horen of ik denk HEE! TINK! :)
    Ik was in de tijd van Take That helemaal weg van hem. Daar heb ik volgens mij ergens nog de video's, cd's en plaatjes van liggen.

  4. Robbie Williams never transfered across the Atlantic that well. Over here he's not that well known. I have to admit to not having listened to anything of his.


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