Thursday, November 16, 2006

TT #16: sports

Thirteen sports I like to watch

  • soccer, esp. World and European Championships (Dutch National Team)
  • speedskating, allround and sprint
  • cycling, esp. Tour de France (Lance Armstrong)
  • figure skating
  • darts
  • car races esp. Formula One and rally
  • tennis, esp. Grand Slam tournaments
  • athletics
  • gymnastics
  • skiing, all disciplines
  • swimming (Pieter v.d. Hoogeband, Inge de Bruyn)
  • equestrian sports, but no horse-unfriendly ones!
  • Olympics, I love to watch all the sports!


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  1. Hmm, I don't watch any of these.... My TT is up too!

  2. The only sports I genuinely like to watch are all Olympic events and golf! Sometimes I suffer through baseball and football to be near my husband, who would never miss one of those.

    My TT is posted:

  3. I love to watch figure skating, but in recent years I've not watched as much. I love to watch Olympic competitions too, even if I don't watch those same sports during the regular competition years.

  4. I sort of include Dancing With The Stars...

    But I love hockey Canadian eh? And football. And winter olympics.

    How is life nice to see you! I lost track of your blog, and just had to google you to find it again!

    Here is my week #15, TT list...

  5. having a hard time with blogger tongiht but you have a great post..i love skating

  6. That's why I watch the Olympics. Many of my favorite to watch all combined into a short timeframe. I love watching gymnastics and ice skating! Happy Thursday

  7. I love to watch football - or soccer - no, football, I don't want to call it soccer. Football, it's football!!
    Hmm. Okay, and I also love iceskating.

  8. As a horseback rider, I love watching Equestrian sports, especially show jumping, although I also enjoy watching dressage and 3-Day-Eventing.

    The Olympics are always enjoyable to watch, but I find soccer/football rather boring.

    Happy T13. :)

  9. I like to watch figure skating and athletics best - am not a sports watcher at all, otherwise. Happy TT!

  10. There is only one sport that I actually like watching, but it's not on your It's the only one that can keep my interest. I've been know to jump off of the couch when someone scores a goal. LOL
    Happy TT

  11. I was going to say I don't like to watch sports at all, but reading your list, I realized I do like to watch figure skating and gymnastics.

  12. I'm not that sporty. But nice list anyway!
    Mine's up too!

    Happy TT from Germany,

  13. I like most of those, too!

  14. Golf, football and baseball.

    And if you like car racing, you might be interested to know that my cousin is Phil Burkart who is ranked 8th in the NHRA for Funny Car racing!

  15. Yay! I love to watch sports as well... although I´m not very sporty :)

    Happy TT form Germany,


  16. Cool sports list. Can't say I have ever watched darts, played yes, not watched.

    Do you participate in any sports too?

  17. You're a lot sportier than I am. I'll watch during the Olympics, but otherwise I'm not really into it.

    Have a Happy!

  18. As I'm not a sports fan, I can't relate, but some of those sound like I could probably watch them, maybe.


    Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

  19. Im not a big sports fan, but I do love watching my daughter play soccer. And watching skating. lol

  20. Wow! That's a lot of sports to watch. I used to watch football a lot growing up (that's American football, I guess, as opposed to soccer)but I got very burned out on it.

    Happy TT!

  21. I never really watch sports but every once in a while I will watch boxing.

  22. I love to watch ice skating, gymnastics, and swimming too. I just discovered speed skating with the last olympics. Great list. Mine is up.

  23. Tennis is my absolute favorite sport! I'm so glad you mentioned it! Great list.

  24. Thanks for visiting my site, Tink. You are absolutely right I should have the Netherlands on my list. My fourth graders have been learning all about the Dutch colonies in North America in the 1600s this week.

    Come visit again sometime over at History Is Elementary. You never know what you might find there.

  25. I love to watch the rally's as well, but we rarely get them anymore. It used to be on speed, but I haven't seen them in a while.

    Happy TT!

  26. The only time I really like to watch sports is with a group of friends. Otherwise I'll ususally skip them. Interesting list though.

  27. OMG, when the World Cup comes around, and since I have no real country to follow in my ethnic background, Ive always been a fan of Holland. At first it was just the orange. Only world cup Tshirt from last year, VanNistelrooy.

    I dont get darts though


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