Thursday, November 23, 2006

TT #17: past life regression

Thirteen points about past life regression

Last weekend I've been to a workshop about this theme.
Read the post before this one to know more about it.

  • Be serious. This is no stuff to take lightly or play with. If you don't believe in it, just stay out of it. If you do believe, think about it first and take your time to be prepared.
  • Don't learn it from a book, learn from a good teacher with lots of experience. He or she will prepare you in the right way and guide you through the whole process.
  • Never do it on your own; always have at least one other person present, preferably more.
  • It makes it easier if you have experience with meditation and visualisation, so practice - practice - practice!
  • Realize that it is real memory!
  • When you've learned a technique that works, don't alter it! The used techniques work because they are like they are.
  • Don't expect to have been Napoleon or Cleopatra. Chances are you just lived an ordinary life as a peasant or something like that.
  • Never use drugs or alcohol to "improve" the experience. They influence you in a wrong way, because you're no longer in control. You are in an altered state of consciousness, but you should still be in control at any time.
  • Past life experiences are no excuse for bad behaviour in this life. They can explain some things, but you still need to work on it.
  • It can help you to make connections, explain things and/or recognize things about yourself in this life.
  • You can meet someone that you know in this life too. That is certainly possible, but not likely with everyone you might think.
  • Take the time to come back and be grounded again by eating and drinking something. You need aftercare: talk about it, write it down. Don't rush into other activities.
  • Past life is private and personal. You should never pass judgement on someone else's experiences.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone that celebrates it!


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  1. Just stopped by to say "hi" and thanks for visiting by my blog. Thought I'd cruise a few TT lists while my pumpkin pies are in the oven! Very interesting topic you've chosen this week - I found it fascinating. Happy Thursday!

  2. I found your list very interesting.

    I'm up at

  3. Yours is a fascinating list and out of the ordinary. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  4. Excellent advice. I've done one with a wonderful teacher and healer and totally agree with all the points you make. PLR is NOT something to fool around with but can be a neat experience!

    Have a lovely Thursday!

  5. What an interesting topic! I've read a few books on this subject.

    Happy TT

    My list is up too

  6. I like this TT, I would love to know more about it. I've read many books on this subjects, but I want to learn it from someone I can trust. Someone that knows what's going on.
    Happy T13 and my list is up as well!

  7. Be seriuos...I'll try to...

  8. Interesting list! It must have been a fascinating workshop. Definitely sounds like something you need to have a competent, knowledgeable, experienced instructor for.

    Happy T13. :)

  9. Very serious this time ! It's hard for me to believe what you wrote but this as you said is private.

  10. what a great list! so true... so very true!

  11. The first time I did this I looked down at my feet and I had Dutch shoes on!

    My 13 are a little mixed up.

  12. THAT is cool stuff you're into, Tink. I'm glad you stopped by West of Mars; you've opened my horizons back up a bit (and now I've got a million questions, too!).

    Happy TT! Hope you'll stop in again!

  13. Past lives are something I've looked at from a metaphorical / interpretive view, but not something I've explored in-depth. With my luck I'd turn out to have been a potato farmer who died peacefully in bed and was otherwise quite undistinguished...

    Have a good weekend!

    - Laughing Muse @ Title Deleted for Security Reasons

  14. What a interesting list.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT!

  15. A very special and interesting TT! Thanks for sharing!

    .•:*¨¨*:•Happy TT•:*¨¨*:•.

    from Germany,


  16. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy TT!

  17. What a helpful list. Ive thought about doing regressions, but I dont know that Im ready yet. Im very glad you are imparting the seriousness of this. I am going to save this list in case I ever find someone who could help me through a regression...

  18. Great list. This is something I've been curious about for a while now.

  19. Thanks for stopping by - your list, as well as life regression, sounds very interesting.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  20. Very nice list!
    Have a save and happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy TT from Germany,

  21. I've had past life memories seep into my dreams, and sometimes have been triggered just by meeting someone and having a strong feeling about them. One of the hardest things I've had to learn about "remembering" previous lives is that not everyone realizes them, and even if they do, this time around we've got different goals to accomplish.

  22. Very interesting TT.

    Happy Thrusday from France !!! :-)

  23. Very interesting list.

    Happy TT!

  24. Hello - thought I'd pop in for a look.... Did you try it...

    I'll read more - you probably answer all my questions somewhere on your blog!!

  25. wow.
    i really didn't see this one coming. NICE!

    i think i'll use this as a study actually :)

  26. This is really interesting stuff. I've never given much thought to past life regression but I'm interested in learning more about it now.

  27. Nice TT..Have never considered the subject to be honest. But you make it sound interesting..

  28. You always have such interesting TT's. Once again, thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT

  29. Thanks for the read. Your TT will give me food for thought. It would have been much easier if you would not have asked me to take it seriously.


  30. I know the possibility is nil, however, being a history geek I would love to know I was Elizabeth I or Catherine the Great. That would be awesome.

  31. wow, what if you were Napoleon or Jackie O in a past life?

  32. This is a really interesting TT. My aunt and uncle have done past life regressions and have met each other and one of their close friends in a past life.

    Happy Thursday!

  33. An interesting list! My list of things I am thankful for is up--I'm late in checking others' lists--too busy with a houseful of company for Thanksgiving.

  34. This is a fascinating concept and post for your TT. I think all of the list could also be used as a guide for all kinds of therapy and meditaion too.

    Sory I am so late in stopping by...a busy weekend just caught me up and then yesterday I was in myp.j's all day. I always love coming to your many thoughtprovoking ideas and experiences you have.

    Sometimes I get caught up in all the "this life" stuff...I think this situation would really put some perspectiv onr eminding us we are ina long journey and to heal heal while we can in this life too.

    Grat stuff Tink!



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