Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cats On Tuesday # 1: Maia is tired

is a group of cat lovers
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hosted by Gattina.

Maia is finding her place in our household. She's feeling at home and seems to be content with where she ended up. ;-) She knows the other cats and the dogs are higher in the hierarchy, but she likes to try them out anyway. She is very playful. Between all that she still needs a lot of sleep:

Yaaaawwwwnnn! One of her favourite places: in a corner behind the TV.

flat outFlat out in my arms!

zzz...Isn't she adorable..? My arm was sleeping too, but I didn't want to move...

I could go on and on posting pics, but that's all for now. I hope I have done everything right this first time (also with Mr. Linky).


  1. Oh ! very adorable !! what a cute sleeping pose ! Rosie and Arthur are the only once who sleep like that too the others are always hiding their belly. She is really a pretty cute little cat. I think Rosie and her are the same age (Rosie will be 4 months on Sept 5) I think we are very lucky with our new kitties, because you never know how they are when you adopt one. You did everything perfect for COT. I will add you to the blogroll right away. Thanks for joining, I think it was a good idea !

  2. Welcome to COT!
    Yes Gattina is right she is really a pretty cute kitty! Her poses are too funny!

  3. Maia, you are very cute. :) It is nice to meet you! You look so adorable and comfy in your human's arms. :)

    Welcome to Cats on Tuesday!

  4. I so understand why you took her in....she's gorgeous!

  5. Oh what a cutie. I love tiny kits!

  6. what a doll baby, I especially like the pic with you laying on her back and sound asleep in your arms....just to precious

  7. Welcome to COT !
    Oh, wonderful pictures. Yes, really adorable. This is a cute kitty.

    Have a nice day !

  8. I wish I could sleep like that. I wish all of us could learn to live like a cat. It would be a better world, for sure. Welcome!

  9. It's nice to have you with us, and to see this darling little girl. I remember when my youngest cat, Socks, was that age -- it doesn't last long enough, although with Socks, I'm glad she has grown up -- she was a rascally kitten! ;-)

  10. Maia is such a sweetie pie!!! What a wonderful pose for us! she apparently doesn't mind the camera! LOL

    D :)

  11. Oh she sure is adorable! I especially love the picture of her in your arms! What a sweet tummy she's showing!

  12. Maia is so cute! I hope her older sisters are teaching her lots of kitty fun & games.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  13. I just love that shot of your baby stretched out sleeping in your arms. Now that is cute. Welcome to COT...very happy to have you. I noticed we have some things in common from your profile- close in age, married with no kids, dogs and cats!


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