Thursday, August 23, 2007

TT #53: Maia


Thirteen pictures of Maia

Hi there! My name is Maia! I'm the newest kitty addition to the household. If you missed my introduction, you can read it under this post or here. Mommy Tink is taking soooo many pics of me; it's time to share the 13 me, myself and I like best!

(if you click on a picture, you'll get a new window with the big version of the picture)

  1. 1
    Before I came to live here, Mommy Tink took care of me when my then "parents" went on vacation. Every day she came to feed me, stroke me and play with me for at least an hour. When I heard her entering I was always waiting for her at the stairs.

  2. 2
    When Daddy and Mommy came to pick me up, I nestled myself on Mommy's bag so they wouldn't forget to take me home!

  3. 3
    The first evening I met the other kitties and the dogs. Although I've learned that Bastet is the boss over me, I still like to catch her off guard to give her a fright. She hisses at me and I hiss back and run away. Hihi!

  4. 4
    But they like to do the same to me... Freyja follows me around and suddenly touches me when I least expect it. Yikes!

  5. 5
    Mommy doesn't like me to sit in the magazine basket, but it's such a great place to hide and peek at the others I can't help myself. I just forget time after time that it's not allowed. Really! I must admit my innocent kitten look helps...

  6. 6
    I think all of us pets here will get along fine! We are getting used to each other, even play already cautiously. They help me to remind my place if I forget too obviously.

  7. 7
    Pfew, life is fun but it makes me hungry all the time!

  8. 8
    He Bastet, what are you doing there?? I can do that too!

  9. 9
    Yummy, I don't mind at all when Mommy is too tired to load the dishwasher. I help her wash off some remains!

  10. 10
    I know, I know, I can't eat the house plants, but this one is sooo tempting! It's not fair: Mommy made a picture and then sent me away..!

  11. 11
    I laughed and laughed when Mommy and Daddy couldn't find me. I was just sleeping in a corner of the mantelpiece between a pictureframe and a speaker!

  12. 12
    Playing, running, eating... I'm tired soon and need a lot of sleep. ZZZzzzz.......

  13. 13
    Mommy! Enough now! No pictures anymore, away with that camera!

I hope you liked my picture show!


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  1. Aww she is adorable. Happy TT day.
    LOL the soap opera I am working on right now has a character called Maia she is a whiny pain, hope your kitty is MUCH nicer !

  2. Awww, such a sweet little Maia!
    Great T13!

  3. Anonymous23/8/07 01:38

    SQUEEEEE!!!!! Oh, Maia is just SO CUTE. And you know what, she's a natural as a Cat Blogger! My cats blog, too (they're in my sidebar under "Cats Rock" -- Ballicus Blog and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). So if Maia ever wants to join the Cat Blogosphere, my cats will introduce her to the gang! hehe!

    Thank you for sharing those adorable pictures of your sweet baby girl.

    Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine.

  4. Oh, what a sweet little furry face! I can tell she will have a wonderful, safe life! Congratulations on your addition! If I get one more animal, one of my kids has to move out!
    happy TT

  5. wwww too cute. Kitty Kat!! Happy TT!

  6. Anonymous23/8/07 02:28

    Aww! I love, love , love cats! Yours are adorable! Great TT, Congratulations on the new addition to the family. :)

  7. What a sweetheart - look at that face! You've got yourself a real DOLL here, for sure! I wish you all a fabulous weekend - and Happy TTing :)

  8. She is adorable! Give her a scratch for me ... :)

  9. What a little sweetie!!! Her sweet face makes me (almost) want a 3rd kitty.

    Happy Th13

    Mama Kelly

  10. This reminds me of that line from Gone with the Wind. Melanie says, "The happiest days are when babies come." Congratulations to Maia on finding such a good home ... especially one with so many cool places to hide and sleep.

  11. You must really love your kitty. Great pics:)

  12. Are those not precious???? I especially like the last two (particularly the one where she's curled up like a little croissant!)

  13. Lovely Maia! :) I wish I can have a kitty of my own :)

    Happy TT!

  14. Anonymous23/8/07 03:58

    how cute! It is so nice to be a momma to cute furries!

  15. Aww cute. Happy TT and thank you for stopping by.

  16. Tink, she's adorable!!!

    Btw, eating spider plants isn't lethal. Some cats get the same kind of high from it that they get from catnip.

    Love her lots for me!! I SO miss kittenhood.

  17. Cute pictures. My psycho kitty used to demolish spider plants, now she's moved on to eating the chives (garlic chives no less). Happy TT.

  18. Awww... such an adorable kitty! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of her. :-)

  19. Wat een lekker ding is dat!

  20. Awww, what a sweet kitty!

  21. Awww, that is one adorable kitten you have there. I love the last picture especially. :o)
    It's a pity they don't stay that small and cute for longer, they always grow up so fast.

  22. A star has arrived! What a cutie...but the one at the litter box was hilarious...queing up to wait her turn.

    Thanks for the smile :-)

  23. That is so incredibly cute. I just started a new project a few days ago where the main character is named Maia. Now I'll have that adorable little face in my head everytime I type it. :)


  24. Maia could only help my houseplants! (Come see my TT and you'll know why.)

  25. Maia, you are sooo cute! I think you have a very pretty and expressive face. That means you are very photogenic.

  26. Oh, those pictures are adorable! And the captions are too cute.

  27. Aaah she is so cute!! That last one - you should send it in to - she'd LOVE it! :D

  28. Ohhhh! What an adorable kitty. She looks so feminine and sweet.

    That last pic was great, too. LOL.

    My TT's up: 13 of my Favorite Movie Spoofs. Come on by and share your faves!

  29. That is sooo cute! Thanks for giving me a big smile today. :)


  30. Oh! She is just *adorable*!!!
    (She kinda looks like a tailed version of my Sushi)

  31. She's a cutie.

    My two cats just got neutered so they're not in the mood for pictures.

  32. Tink - these are too cute! I want to eat her with a spoon.

    Thank you for visiting my TT last week. This week I'm thanking my fellow TTer's. Come by and get your thanks!

  33. Maia is so sweet! Those are great pics!

  34. Oh she is so cute! I just love kitties!!!

  35. This is adorable. What a great show of your babies. Have a great TT. :)

  36. Congratulations ! Join the club of new kitties ! I have one too since a little more then 2 months now, she was 6 weeks old when I picked her up and now she also is 3 months old going on four months in September. You should have a look on my cat blog (my cats & funny stories)
    Little Maia is very cute ! she has also nice colors. Isn't that fun to have a new kitten ? Even my four others play again now !

  37. I forgot, I have a group called "Cats on Tuesday". So every tuesday people who don't have a special cat blog write once a week about their cats. It's always very nice and so funny stories. All rules are on my cat blog (I am not a blogging cat, I only write about them)

  38. Maia, you're so cute!

  39. awwwww. sweetness. reminds me of my Gremlyn who always could find the oddest places to repose, like salad bowls on the third shelf up above the counter. we laugh now but it wasn't so funny when it meant having to wash everything in the cupboard every time the doors got left open.

    this was just the right medicine for recovering from my Wretched Wednesday which you can read about if you dare tho i don't know why you would want to thrash your Thursday (or fry your Friday) like that.

  40. Awwwwwwwww I'm so in love!

  41. Totally adorable! I love the kitty!

  42. LOVED your photos! What a sweetie! Happy TT!

  43. Anonymous23/8/07 22:41

    Miss my kitty! Happy TT!

  44. The first and last pictures are my favorites! How could you resist that face in the first one? And the look in Maia's eyes in the last one cracks me up. Thanks for a lovely TT.

  45. What a lovely lady is Maia. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


  46. Hello Maia, it is nice to meet you! :) You are beautiful and have a pretty name. :) I'm glad to hear you are getting along with the other cats. You have a wonderful Forever Home. Thank you for sharing the photos - they are terrific!

  47. Hi Maia! Nice to meet you! You are a cutie! We are very glad you stopped by our blog.

    Luf, Us

  48. What a sweet little kitty! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

  49. awwwwww you're too cute!!

  50. What a precious kitty. I absolutely love cats.Congrats on your new addition. :o)

  51. Maia, you are ADORABLE! Even if you do look a little like Victor.

  52. Hi Maia! Your Mommy Tink has taken such great pictures of you - very nice to meet you:-)

  53. Hey there, Maia! It's great gettin' to know you. You look like you'll have lots of fun with your sisters.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  54. Hiya... You looks like u gotz lots ta do dehr!! Tanks fur stoppin by to read bout da 13 hero kittiez...

    Bye bye fur now.
    Katie Ann Kitty Too.

  55. Aww! She's adorable!

  56. Anonymous25/8/07 22:12

    Prachtige foto's van Maia!! Ik las ook hoe ze bij jullie in huis kwam... Haha en zo heb je er weer eentje bij he. :)

    Groetjes uit Limburg

  57. Lots of cute pictures Mia! Great to meet you!

  58. Somehow I messed up and didn't comment on your TT. I meant to. I love you beautiful new kitten, Maia. That is such a pretty name for a her.

    Also, I have tagged you for a meme. If you care to play, please come by my site and see how it works...


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