Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weigh In 3

The 10:4 challenge is three months on its way; here's my "score"...

  • April 3 (my start): 110.2 kg - 46% fat - BMI 36.8
  • May 1 (10:4 start): 104.9 kg - 45% fat - BMI 35
  • June 5 (1st update): 99.3 kg - 43% fat - BMI 33.2
  • July 3 (2nd update): 97.5 kg - 41% fat - BMI 32.6
  • Aug. 1 (3rd update): 93.5 kg - 42% fat - BMI 31.2
(1 kg = 2.205 lbs)

My goal for July was to get to 95. I succeeded there. Last week I was around 95 and a bit below, but all the exercise in Luxemburg (a lot of walking, up and down hill) must have given it another boost. Strangely enough the fat percentage is a bit higher (I rounded it off, so not a whole %) than last month. Ah well... Perhaps next month it will be less again. I'd like to get beyond the 90 limit, but we'll see if I can accomplish that before the challenge ends. I'm planning to get there anyway, sooner or (not too much!) later.
People start noticing my weight loss and give me compliments. I'm not that good in receiving compliments, but I love to hear them! And I need them too, because I don't always notice the difference myself. Yes, I'm wearing a smaller jeans size, but in the mirror it is still difficult for me to see. Distorted body image for life...?
I've got the Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer I told you about in my last update and it's fabulous! So much easier to use and to clean, I love it! I can throw whole apples, kiwi's etc. in the large opening. Only thick peels and big seeds have to be removed. The juices are yummy!

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  1. hee wat goed joh!
    Echt super, volhouden zo!
    En dat vertekende beeld komt omdat je jezelf anders ziet dan anderen, je ziet jezelf iedere dag, en dan groei je mee met de veranderingen en ben je er haast blind voor.
    Nevertheless is het een hele goede prestatie van je, ik weet dat het lastig is (hang zelf nu al meer dan een week op 75 terwijl ik toch niet snoep) en ik hoop dat je toch van je nieuwe lichaam leert te houden Tink.


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