Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet... Maia!

Let me introduce to you, the newest member of our family since yesterday.... Maia! She is around 3 months old, born in May and named after the goddess Maia, the most beautiful of The Pleiades and goddess of spring & fresh beginnings.
It wasn't planned to have another kitten, but as usual with cats coming to us it just happened this way. She was taken in by friends of us, but they went on vacation shortly after. In those two weeks I cared for the little kitty and of course grew attached to her. When our friends came home, they realized a kitten is nothing for them. They called Ron and in the end he decided to give her to me as an early birthday present!


  1. Hi Maia! You are very beautiful! And welcome to your new home.

  2. Erg he, met katten: je kunt het gewoon niet helpen om verliefd te worden. Geniet van je nieuwe huisgenoot!

  3. hey tink, she looks really cute. mind you, i love cats and they are always so much fun to watch growing. welcome maia! i hope that Freyja and Bastet enjoy having a new playmate. :D TMR

  4. Ha, en ik dacht dat ik erg was met huisdieren ;)
    Heeeeeel veel plezier met Maia! Ze ziet er erg mooi uit in ieder geval!

  5. Hi, Tink!! What a great blog you have. And one of your cats is named after Bast, who is my Patron! Of course I love the name of your blog too, because I am a Wiccan Faery Witch.

    What a precious kitty! You may have read that I have been in feral cat rescue for 30+ years. I have 6 housecats and a feral colony I care for. And this summer a stray mom had 4 sweet kittens on my front porch. We found homes for all of them and got the mom fixed. She was an abused and abandoned stray, who had been a housecat and just didn't like being outside in our 100+ temps. So my husband did what yours did. Even though he had complained about 5 housecats he said he thought we should adopt the mom, so we did. Her name is Orchid, and she is the second abandoned stray I have adopted this year.

    The first was in April. He is a gorgeous orange tabby about a year old with dark brown/red eyes rather than the usual green. He appeared in my feral colony in March. When I realized he was abandoned, I got him fixed to give to my neighbor. But in the process I fell in love with him myself, so I kept him. Ha!

    Love those kitties!! And Maia looks like a very happy one with her new mom. Many faery hugs and kisses coming your way today!!

  6. You did a very nice thing, she's a very beautiful kitten.


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