Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Karl Moore

Karl MooreKarl Moore is the author of two best-selling books on programming and codes. He is CEO of the media group White Cliff and the founder of The WCCL Network, which promotes self-development tools, Windows utilities, and products for writers and artists, through a network of affiliated sites. He also hosted a technology show with the BBC for over six years.

Sounds boring? Not really! Well... it depends on your interests, but agree or disagree about that: Karl's blog is definitely worth a visit! Once you've been there I bet you'll return! He posts to his blog daily: inspirational messages, stuff about his life, etc.
On Mondays he posts a "Random Act of Kindness", an invitation to make a change. This week it's "Save a spider", last week "give away £1 / $1 / €1 of your hard-earned money in the best way you can". Just to name a few! Always a little challenge, but doable for everyone.
On Fridays he posts a "Friday Factoid", interesting facts about books, writers, cities, television or any subject he can think of. Aha!-moments aren't rare. :-)
I added his blog to my Google Reader.


  1. Great recommendations - thanks for sharing!

    PS: you might like to update your Google Reader ( :-)

  2. Not bad to look at either.... ;-)


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