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TT #55: Robbie quotes


Thirteen (quotes from) lyrics by Robbie Williams

Rob writes most of his lyrics himself. Love him or hate him, but he has written great songs. He has been nominated and won several Ivor Novello Awards. For "Angels" he won the Ivor for Songwriter of the Year. I thought I'd share some of my favourites. Some go straight into my heart, some are just plain funny, some are amazing...

  • From Angels it's so hard to choose, so I'll just take all of it!
    - I sit and wait
    - Does an angel contemplate my fate
    - And do they know
    - The places where we go
    - When we're grey and old
    - 'Cos I've been told
    - That salvation lets their wings unfold
    - So when I'm lying in my bed
    - Thoughts running through my head
    - And I feel that love is dead
    - I'm loving angels instead
    -- And through it all she offers me protection
    -- A lot of love and affection
    -- Whether I'm right or wrong
    -- And down the waterfall
    -- Wherever it may take me
    -- I know that life won't break me
    -- When I come to call she won't forsake me
    -- I'm loving angels instead
    - When I'm feeling weak
    - And my pain walks down a one way street
    - I look above
    - And I know I'll always be blessed with love
    - And as the feeling grows
    - She breathes flesh to my bones
    - And when love is dead
    - I'm loving angels instead

  • I'm using this quote on a lot of forums in the space at the end of every post:
    - If you're willing to change the world
    - Let love be your energy

    The world would be such a better place if more people lived by that...

  • - Hello. Did you miss me?
    - I know I'm hard to resist
    - Y'all can come and help me
    - Pick the sweetcorn out of this
    - It's hard to be humble
    - When you're so fucking big
    - Did you ever meet a sexier male chauvinist pig?

    This is the first verse of "The World's Most Handsome Man". The song is often misunderstood. Rob likes to play the cocky entertainer, but in fact he is insecure. He even says that in the same song:
    - Please don't drop me
    - I'll fall to pieces on you
    - If you don't see me I don't exist

  • - Make friends with your past
    - And you can leave it at last

    I know from experience this line from "Revolution" is so true... It's a duet, on the video with Katie Kissoon.

  • - How do I learn
    - To give love and be loved in return
    - If this is heaven I'm falling
    - I'd rather jump and run away
    - Than see it burn
    - I feel I could die
    - Before I sleep I kiss your cheek
    - And say goodbye
    "Love Calling Earth" speaks to my heart. I feel the hurt, the fear. Better stop it yourself than see it die slowly. It's hard to learn to trust.
    - Please don't hurt me...

  • - Close your eyes so you don't feel them
    - They don't need to see you cry
    - I can't promise I will heal you
    - But if you want to I will try
    "Eternity" is such a beautiful song... Music can be a great healer!
    - We sat and watched the sun go down
    - Picked a star before we lost the moon

  • - You're one of God's better people
    - And you don't know
    - That's why you're special
    - It must hurt to see your favourite man
    - Lose himself again and again
    - And I know that you're my only friend
    - From way back when

    Rob wrote this song for his mother. Some say he's a mommy's boy, but he just has a very good relationship with her.

  • - How do you sleep
    - You've never loved
    - Why was I never good enough
    - You thought you'd leave me falling forever
    - Karma killer

    This is a great song if you're truly mad at someone and need to let off some steam. It has some harsh words, but that's exactly what you need in that situation. Rob wrote it about his former Take That manager, but it can be used for more people. ;-)
    - You're so full of sin
    - Even the devil hates you
    - I hope you choke
    - On your Bacardi and Coke

  • - They all say
    - I'm too restless
    - But words cut deep
    - When you're defenceless
    - And they're killing me, killing me slowly

    "Killing me slowly" hasn't been a big hit, but I like it a lot. In fact Rob has made more beauties that don't deserve to be relatively unknown.

  • - Know no fear I'll still be here tomorrow
    - Bend my ear I'm not gonna go away
    - You are love so why do you shed a tear
    - Know no fear we will see heaven from here

    "Heaven From Here" is the kind of song every girl wants her man to sing to her. A mixture of being safe in his arms and his vulnerability:
    - I'll shelter you make it alright to cry
    - And you'll help too cos the faith in myself has run dry
    - We are love and I just wanna hold you near
    - Know no fear we will see heaven from here

  • - I like to reminisce about a time I've never had,
    - a book that no one read,
    - a film that never made me sad
    - and you remind me of a place I've never been
    - and something no one said,
    - when I was seventeen.
    "One Fine Day" can make you think, but you can also just sing along and say it's funny. Depends on my mood what it will be.

  • - I don't miss you
    - Just who you used to be
    - And you don't ring true
    - So please stop calling me
    - Your "I love you"'s are ten a penny
    - You're dropping clues like you've got any
    - You got to choose
    - There's been so many...

    "She's Madonna" is Rob's most recent single. I really like his new CD; it's different, but that's exactly what I like about his music. A new album is never more of the same.

  • I'll finish with the whole lyrics of my all-time favourite song by Rob: "Feel"! Watch the clip until the end, it moves me every time...
    - Come and hold my hand
    - I wanna contact the living
    - Not sure I understand
    - This role I've been given
    - I sit and talk to God
    - And he just laughs at my plans
    - My head speaks a language
    - I don't understand
    -- I just wanna feel
    -- Real love fill the home that I live in
    -- Cos I got too much life
    -- Running through my veins
    -- Going to waste
    - I don't wanna die
    - But I ain't keen on living either
    - Before I fall in love
    - I'm preparing to leave her
    - Scare myself to death
    - That's why I keep on running
    - Before I've arrived
    - I can see myself coming
    -- I just wanna feel
    -- Real love fill the home that I live in
    -- Cos I got too much life
    -- Running through my veins
    -- Going to waste
    - And I need to feel
    - Real love and the love ever after
    - I can not get enough
    -- I just wanna feel
    -- Real love fill the home that I live in
    -- I got too much life
    -- Running through my veins
    -- To go to waste
    - I just wanna feel
    - Real love and the love ever after
    - There's a hole in my soul
    - You can see it in my face
    - It's a real big place
    - Come and hold my hand
    - I wanna contact the living
    - Not sure I understand
    - This role I've been given
    - Not sure I understand...

There are so many more I could share...
Advertising space, his song for Elvis...
Toxic, which I play often...
Come Undone, great lyrics...
but it's Thursday Thirteen so I'll leave it to this. ;-)


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    1. Great list. I'm not that familiar with Robbie Williams...I'm feeling old.

    2. Wow. These sound very inspirational. The only song I know by Robbie is Millenium so these were new to me. Great List! Happy 13.

    3. I've loved / worshipped Robbie for longer than I care to remember & you've named some of my favourite lyrics & songs. I've always thought it was a shame more people didn't understand when he was taking the P**s out of himself because it was so obvious & funny to me.

    4. Cool! I have never heard of him. I am such a nerd!

    5. Let me guess, you like this Robbie Fella!!

    6. I think I'm probably just the wrong age to like Robbie Williams - Take That was just taking over the chart as I started liking less poppy pop music (if that makes any sense). Not that I dislike his songs either but he is forever tainted with that stain for me. Great list though :-)

    7. Like Mama Pajama, your TT makes me feel old because I just found Robbie. I've got Misunderstood on my iPod. Love his soulful voice.

    8. Well, I'll take you rword for it. I've never heard any of these. Happy TT.

    9. cool list.

      i have my 13 up and running !

    10. Mmm. Lyrics. Yummy!

      Yeah, I agree not all bands like interviews. The ShapeShifter boys love them... for the first two days. And then the questions are all the same and so are their answers and ...

      But to say all that defeated the whole idea of a one-word TT!

    11. are truly a fan!! They sound beautiful but I honestly dont know who that guy is:( Happy TT.

    12. That was cool! :)

    13. In a word: WOW. You sound like his #1 fan alright!

    14. The lyrics are great. I haven't heard any of his songs before, but I'm going to give them a try.

    15. Anonymous6/9/07 03:54

      Thanks for introducing us with Robbie Williams -- wow, I enjoyed reading his lyrics.

      And wow, like you, I particularly liked the lyrics to the song "Feel" -- very moving, poignant, full of heart and full of longing.

      Happy T13, and thank you for visiting mine. :)

    16. Not familiar with Robbie Williams but I do like the lyrics.
      Thanks for the visit.

    17. I'm not too familiar with Robbie -- but this sure makes me want to! He's a great lyricist!
      happy TT!

    18. I neither love him nor hate him. I barely know who he is. I don't think he gets any air time here.

    19. I'm not familiar with Robbie--but I agree that love is powerful!

    20. Isn't it funny how you hear songs but you don't really listen to them? Thanks for posting these :)

    21. I haven't heard any Robbie Williams music in a long time. I'll have to give some of these songs a listen. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    22. I knew you weren't from the states cause he isn't super known here. We only got that one song where he is taking of his skin in the video. I went to England and found some fun music that we don't know here. SUGABABES!!

    23. I've got a few of those songs playing on my ipod. Happy TT!

    24. I don't really know much about Robbie Williams either, but now I've got that Angels song running through my head.

      Happy TT.

    25. I like Robbie Williams very much and I feel sorry for him that he has depressions. That's an awful desease I hope that he will come out with a new record very soon.

    26. He's my fav singer of all time. I listen to "The ego has landed" and "Sing while you're winning" all the time. I've even seen him in concert!

    27. I love all this naughty boy's songs !!!
      Happy thirteening!

    28. Great list, Tink! I'm not really familiar with his music.

    29. Ah, another Robbie fan! Yay!
      I used to have a big crush on the boy - that is gone, but I still like his music, at least the older stuff. "Eternity", "Angels" and "Karma Killer" are all among my favorites.
      My favorite line from him was always:
      "I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away..."

    30. Tink
      I'm not a Robbie Williams fan but that was enough to make me google some videos and hear him again.

      Great list. ;)


    31. Sigh, I love Robbie! I think because of the cock attitude, he isn't given the credit he deserves.

    32. lThat's a whole lotta quotes! Happy TTing!

    33. Very interesting list. I've never heard of him either, but those are some great words!

    34. Okay, now I'm going to have to go check out some of these songs. :)

    35. Those are all great lyrics! My humans say that they notice that Robbie Williams is a lot more popular here in Germany than back home in Canada. He certainly does have some great songs!

    36. I liked the lyrics about angels.

    37. Nice lyrics. My TT is FINALLY up, it's about September.

    38. You really put a lot of work into this. Wow, I'm impressed. Have a great TT. :)

    39. I'm not very familiar with Robbie Williams. I'll have to see if my library has any of his CDs.

      Happy TT!

    40. Robbie hasn't made it as big in North America as he has in Britain... but the time is coming, no doubt...

    41. Hahahaha! We luvs this dude too! We are ROTFL...sometimes so hard we hack up a hairball too!

    42. Those were great. And he's cute, too!

    43. Love Robbie Williams! From Ladder 49:
      The cry of the city like a siren's song,
      Wailing over the rooftops the whole night long,
      Saw a shooting star like a diamond in the sky,
      Must be someone's soul passing by...


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