Monday, October 29, 2007


The farewell and funeral of Ron's mother are behind us. It was hard on everyone. Thank God(dess) the contact within Ron's family goes well. The intentions are good: to be there for eachother, let bygones be bygones. May this loss be the start of a new period within the family.
After the funeral other things were waiting: settlement of finances, clearing out the house, divide the contents. Not the easiests of tasks... I remember vividly from after mum's death last year. There's a lot to do but together we're strong. Everyone is working together to get everything sorted out.
Pfew, life is an endless rollercoaster and we can't get out... Ron and I are both near the end of what we can handle. We'll survive eventually I guess, but please light a candle, send energy or whatever you can do for us. We need all the help we can get at the moment...


  1. Lieve Tink,

    Een hele dikke knuf en heel veel sterkte voor jullie beiden!!

    Sorcha xxx

  2. Hi Tink!
    I feel sorry for you! It must be a hard time for both of you.

    Be sure that I think of you and your nice hubby. I'll never forget the nice "place to crash" you gave us after the concert.



  3. Wat erg Tink van je schoonmoeder, heel veel sterkte, voor jou, Ron en jullie familie.

    Dikke knuffel en ik brand een kaarsje voor juliie


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