Monday, October 01, 2007

Journey apart together

Friday evening I had an appointment with the girls from the Ara group, but alone at home! In our meetings and on our own we made several shamanic journeys (the Michael Harner method). This time we would all do a journey at home at the same time at the same day. We started at 10pm last night. I was lying on my bed with my iPaq and earphones.

I started my journey near a special tree I know in real life. I touched it, hugged it and slid very gently through the big roots into the earth. I ended up in an underground vault, much like the one in the TV-series Beauty & The Beast. I walked and enjoyed this beautiful neighbourhood, lit by torches and candles. I felt comfortable there.
Suddenly I stood near a deep abyss. I didn't see it, but I knew the Ara-members were on the other side. I didn't know what to do. Then I saw there was a bridge of glass, almost invisible. I hesitated for a moment but decided to trust, took a step on the glass and walked across.
Indeed the others were waiting for me. Phyllis was also there. We all hugged and said hello. We sat down in a circle and talked a bit. We all had the same blanket and/or cushions to sit on the bed of autumn leaves. We were dressed in matching colours with the vicinity: trees in autumn clothing of beautiful colours, Indian Summer.
We started a ritual, I was on the West (water). In the middle stood something twisting: a candle? a branch? We stood up. Phyllis reached for her right shoulder/upper arm in pain. At her feet was a Corgi dog we know. I didn't see its owner, but felt she was close too. We did a Cone of Power. At the end we directed our energy to a point in the sky. There it joined together and then fell down on the earth and us as a golden fountain of water(?). Then we did a spiral dance with Phyllis in the middle. After the cake and wine we opened the circle from hand to hand.
I looked around and touched the big tree that was behind us on the south-east. I found a beautiful pine or fur cone. Strange, because there were only deciduous trees. When I picked it up, the words for a chant came to me. (we all did a journey for a chant before, but mine didn't give me anything then).
After a while it was time to say goodbye. I went back over the glass bridge, through the vault, up to the tree and then back to the reality of my bed.

Wow, it was a great journey! I didn't read all the reports of the others yet, but in the ones I did were certain similarities. Different journeys, but with a lot of common ground.


  1. that really was an interesting 'meeting'!
    I'm just curious what this meant: "Phyllis reached for her right shoulder/upper arm in pain", was there any reason for her to do this? How come she was in pain? What had happened?

  2. Phyllis has a nasty injury there, although I don't know if it's on the right. We did a Cone of Power on our last (real) meeting and send the energy to her. After 20 minutes she felt something and she had less pain for a while.

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for writing about this and for including the Harner link. I've learned something today.


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