Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CoT #6: Freyja and the flames

Cats On Tuesday
CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers
who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week,
hosted by Gattina.

Most cats are very interested in flames. I'm used to cats with burned whiskers. I always warn them, but they never listen...
Freyja is more than fascinated by flames. When I bought two oil lamps the other day, wild horses couldn't drag her away. She sat near them all evening: looking, walking around them, sniffing, touching...


Do your cats have this fascination for flames too?


  1. You could use this pictures for Christmas cards ! They are really cute ! I never noticed any interest of my cats in candlelight apparently they are not very romantic. With Rosie I don't know yet. On the red see there is nothing special to see besides the blue (!) sea sand and desert but I have read this morning 32°C !! I can finally warm up my old bones after this lousy summer !

  2. The Pictures are great. This is a dangerous game you can burn your toes!!!!
    Our cats are afraid of flames but they like to lie near the Fireside to warm their tummys!
    Happy Tuesday!!!

  3. Be careful, Freyja, you don't want to get burned!

  4. Careful! We never light any flames around here except outside.

  5. I really burn candles as I forget about them and I'm afraid I'd burn down the house. But I'm sure my cats would find them intresting. they seem to find everything intresting. Cool pictures of your furballs.

  6. Those pictures really would make great greeting cards. Very pretty and what a cool mood to them. Darius burnt his eye whiskers off when he was little playing with my candles on one side of his head and they never did grow back. And he has had some whiskers rolled back in nubs on his mouth.

  7. I LOVE these photos! My cat doesn't have a fascination for flames....although I do! Meow! Happy COT!

  8. Those are absolutely gorgeous photos! Gattina is right, they would make wonderful Christmas cards. Isn't it funny how attracted they are to fire...and water too.

    I'll report on the litter box next week. So far I love it, but like I said in my post, one of the cats is less enthusiastic than I, so we shall see.

  9. I love those photos! Really conveys Freyja's intensity and mesmerization.

  10. Beautiful pictures, although it's good you were watching her closely at the time. I have heard of house fires caused by cats knocking burning candles over. I have burned candles myself, no longer having lamps that have flames, and my cats ignored them until Socks came along. I believe she knocked one over when I had it burning on the dining room table, but she was younger and more inquisitive then. I hope she has outgrown that tendency because if we have power outages from windstorms this winter, I may have to try to burn candles again. I guess a flashlight may be a better alternative. LOL!

  11. What great photos! I'll have to check and see if mine are like that.


  12. I remember years ago when Jiro (a kitten we had) passed and we had a candle out for him. Sylvie jumped up and singed her whiskers on one side. I guess she was checking out the candle and the flame.

    My brother had to snip the curled ends off, poor thing.

  13. I wish I could play with a flame. It looks very fun. But my Mommie said I am Not Allowed.

  14. Those photos are adorable ... but also just beautiful!!!

    They could be notecards in a CafePress store or something!!


    Mama Kelly

  15. wow, your photos are fantastic!

    We once had a cat that did that.But I didn't know it until one day I smell hair burning and turned to see the cat's fur on fire and the cat fur was so thick he didn't even know it and was just walking around normally! I snuffed out the smoldering fur, wet him down REAL good with water, which for him was worse than having messy fur!


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