Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CoT #5: nap spot no. 1

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In our home the cats are always provided with a lot of potential places to take a nap. They can sleep on the couch, on several blankets, lots of soft cushions, hammock on the central heating and I'm sure I still forget to mention places. But what is their favourite napping spot? ...ME!


One of my favourite sleeping pics! They like to snuggle up to me as close as possible. I'm used to it (even miss it when they don't do it!), so it doesn't wake me. Most of the time there's also a little dog lying in the hollow of my knees. :-)


I already showed you a picture out of this series before, but Maia has a way of sleeping in the cutest positions ever! There has to be someone else around to catch it on camera though...

Maia curve

Maia's favourite spot, in fact all the cats (and little dog) like it best... ;-)

When I don't feel that good, all the pets decide together to snuggle up to me from head to foot. And it always makes me feel better... Their warmth, their comfort... I love my fur friends so much!!


  1. All of those photos are very cute. :) Sleeping on humans is the best! Maia looks very sweet in her photos. :)

  2. Those have to be some of the sweetest shots I've seen on a blog. The first one, is that a little kitten, the dark one? It is so tiny? I love it.

    Cats do make great bed fellows!

  3. Adorable sleeping photos! I posted one of Ms. Anela (aka Queenie) sleeping today too! Happy COT!

  4. You photos are sooo sweet and cute. Wonderful sleeping cat photos !
    Have a nice day =´`.`´=

  5. That's the same with me when I am sad or not feeling well, they comfort me. Rosie too sleeps on her back with the paws stretched out but the worst is Arthur with his sleeping poses. Maia has grown too I saw !!

  6. I'm late, but I have arrived!

    I just LOVELOVE snuggle time! Punkin is my snuggle princess. She asks me for time during the day.

    It is very special.

    Love your photos! D :)

  7. I love that picture, too. My Gretchen used to sleep on my shoulder when she was little, now she sleeps on my hip.

    She's still a great comfort...

  8. The cats feel so secure and safe with you in order to be able to sleep like that. It's amazing. The last photo is so funny.

  9. Maia looks like a real cutie :-)


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