Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not much online

I'm not much online these days, just for checking mail or for a quick look. So no Cats on Tuesday, no Thursday Thirteen, no updates this week. Don't worry, I'll be back! I'll explain.

Yesterday Ron read in the local newspaper, that his mother had died... He hasn't been feeling that well lately (still the burn-out, depression) and this was an almighty blow... We didn't have contact with his mother, but not because he didn't love her... He knew her health wasn't that good, but death was unexpected.
He called his sister(s) and in no-time all three of them were at our home. Their mother had made them promise not to inform Ron and his brother. Now that he had made contact he was more than welcome. Yesterday afternoon we helped sorting out the papers (quite a mess) and last night the family had a private meeting to say goodbye to her.
This morning we ordered a flower arrangement, tonight is the general condolence. Tomorrow at 2pm is the funeral.


  1. My condolence on your loss. Just came and check if you posted for T13.

  2. Sorry to hear about his loss. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hope you can get back online, don't be a stranger. And if I don't see you around the blogsphere, have a blessed Samhain.

  3. That's so sad. {{{hugs}}} and best wishes to you.

  4. Light and healing to your family in this time of loss.

  5. A shock to all of your lives to lose his mother so suddenly. Take the time to let it sink in. Love each other. Sending you my wishes for healing.

  6. Obviously I haven't been around for a while - sorry!

    Sorry also for the unexpected loss of your MIL.

    My condolences and also a big hug to you, your husband and the rest of the family.


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