Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CoT #7: cat names

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What's in a name?
The names of my 3 cats are derived from goddess names:
  • Freyja (named after the Norse goddess of love and fertility who was famous for her great beauty; the cat was sacred to her, she drove in a chariot drawn by cats)
  • Bastet (named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats)
  • Maia (she is born in May and named after the goddess Maia, the most beautiful of The Pleiades and goddess of spring & fresh beginnings).
Other names we used: Mickey, Garfield, Heathcliff, Snoopy (all obvious origins), Cleo (Cleopatra), Coco (after Koko from "the cat who.." detectives), Snoetje (Dutch for "pretty little face"), Lapje (Dutch for "calico"), Ukkie (Dutch for "little one") and some self-invented names that sound nice.

I know people that named their cats after cartoon characters, or clowns, or drinks, or even ex-boyfriends! Where does your cat's name come from??


  1. The name of my cats come from Spices - Ginger, Garlic, Pepper and Sesame. That is why they are called the Spice Cats :) They are also named by their colors.

    I think naming your cats after goddess is very cool too!

    P/S Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. All of your cats have wonderful names! :)

    As for my name, my breeder chooses "themes" for each of her litters and names the kittens according to that theme. The theme for my litter was "Fairy Tales" so I was named Dragonheart and my brother was named Merlin.

  3. I have a new kitty live with us awhile until a name just comes out of my mouth when I call him or her. Some are easier than others. Sometimes one of my kids insisted a name be given. Great post.

  4. Ah, a Cat Who reader. I love that series, read them twice. I'm crazy about Qwillern, KoKo and YumYum.

    Gretchen is named because she looks and acts like a Gretchen. For no other reason. I've a lot of cat names too, Preylor, the king in my Scrungy series, Pumpkin, Jasmine, Blacky, Radar, Boo Boo Kitty, Jaz, BoBo, Flo Clone De'Nege, and too many other's to remember. I had four dauthters and we've always had house and yard full of animals...lots of cats.

  5. You choose nice names for your cats.
    Lunas first name is from the breeder, he called her "Fantasia" vom Katzenparadies. The breeder often take the alphabet for the babies: all with an "F". We called her Luna because I know first the name that I like and then the cat. But I think the colour fits to her name Luna "the moon"
    Luzies name is from Snoopy Lucy in english and Friedas name was first Frodo from Lord of the ring. But then we find out that he is a she and change the name in Frieda. Not really good idea I know...
    Have a nice day !

  6. With Bastet you gave me a good idea for a Thursday 13 ! 13 things which are representing Bastet souvenirs ! From keyholders, over cups, pen balls, hangers, plates to T-shirts etc. I think I could have find more than 13 items to buy in Egypt, lol ! I bought a ball with snow and a Bastet sitting inside and a keyholder of course.
    Come tomorrow on my blog if you can I filmed a whirling Dervish and put two little videos (4 and 1 min) but it is amazing how these guys whirl around and not falling !
    All my cats are named after my Grandma's siblings, except Pookie and Kim, as they belonged to my son he choose the names. There are still enough names, my grandma had 11 siblings !

  7. You've got great cat names--names of great beings! Anela means angel in Hawaiian!

  8. I like the names you choose and what they stand for...great cat names. I think I will go to the Goddesses for my next cat! My girl Calista was named after Calista Flockhart because Alli McBeal was huge then and Calista came to me this tiny poof ball with big eyes like the real Calista. My boy Darius is named for the lead singer of Hootie and the can tell they are both older.
    My husband's cat Dale was named for Dale Earnhart the race car legend because of her big mustache...or her markings anyway.

  9. Cats should be named after gods because they are so proud and demanding :-)

    Au's coat is a golden colour in the sunlight. He also loves to play very rough games, pouncing on us from behind doors and inviting us for a roll and bite on the bed or rug. With our squeals on the one hand as he bites too enthusiastically ("Au!")and with Au standing for gold in the chemistry lab, the name seemed suitable.

    With deference to his junior cat position, we sometimes call him Mr Kitty. Uninspired perhaps but it's a habit.

    Our kitten has been called Target thanks to the creamy circle targets on his sides. But his baby name is Mr Snizzles.

    I wrote a post about cats names a year or so ago. It includes the whole of Elliot's poem,

    "The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
    It isn't just one of your holiday games;
    You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter,
    When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES...."


  10. Beautiful names you chose!
    My cats are: Patouf, Pedro, Ticoune and their mom Mystic! Mystic because siamese and my daughter Mélissa at this time was loving esoteric stories! Like Buffy, if you know!!!?

  11. Prachtige namen!! Ikzelf heb een Arabische naam, Samyr, maar ze noemen me al bijna 9 jaar Ruis. Als kitten had ik een hartruisje, wat na 4 maanden weg was.


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