Monday, November 26, 2007

Dyeing robes

Saturday I had another meeting with the Ara Lowlands group. We had all taken our robes to dye them together. The colour we had chosen was olive green. We first did Sorcha's robe and mine. My robe is made of heavier material, the others are lighter and Sorcha's is in between. When everyone had arrived we did all the others in the second session. When they were all done, we hung them together on a line outside. The colours are nice, although mine is more army green. On the picture the flashlight changed the colours a bit.

We planned meetings for the next year. In January we'll do the Shadow Workshop with Phyllis. It will be nice to see her again. In October we hope to do the initiation and around those two we planned meetings and journeys-apart-together.

We discussed an idea Sorcha and I learned from Marian Green in her last workshop; to build a group temple on the astral plane, where we can meet in journeys and do rituals and other stuff together. Everyone was enthusiastic, so we discussed how it will look like. We'll go there in a meditation / journey. It's a private place, so I won't tell you how it looks like. One (or two actually) of my additions: two templecats, a black and a white one. :-)

In a little ritual we did a Cone of Power to charge a bowl with little objects on the middle of the altar. Each of us put something in it to be charged with energy. When we need extra energy in the dark and cold ahead we can take our objects to get some. I put my Bast-pentacle in and a little bag with a mini-statue of Kuan Yin.

Afterwards we talked , ate and drank something. Ron and Wonder came to pick me up.

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