Thursday, November 22, 2007

TT #64: random


Thirteen random things I want to share

So much to tell, so little time to blog...

  • Friday last week I broke down. I cried and let it all out. Let's face it; I have another depression. That makes two of us here at home, not the nicest situation. But somehow we'll come through this helping each other along the way. We were supposed to go to a fair in Alkmaar on Saturday and we had also planned to go to the belated Halloween party of friends in Den Haag in the evening. We decided to cancel everything so I could rest and charge my battery. Not an easy decision, but it was the good one. I slept a lot and did close to nothing. I'm still not back to "normal", but it's getting better.

  • Baby Dominique has come home to her mother Monique. She was doing so well she could leave the hospital early. She has grown a lot, although to me she's still so tiny! (pics by IJs)

  • My brother and his girlfriend have a puppy, a Border Collie named Doggy. She is such a cutie!! During the day Gerard takes the little one with him to his work. We visited them last week. We played until she fell asleep on my hand. When Sylvia celebrated her birthday at home I saw Doggy again. I think I'm in love... ;-)

  • This saturday there is a meeting of the Ara-group. We are going to dye our robes. I still hadn't finished the sewing though. I don't like it, I'm not good at it, it isn't and will never be my hobby! The stress of wanting to do it perfect nevertheless was killing me. Ron took matters out of my hand and put the robe together with his sewing machine. On one hand I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted to do it by hand, but on the other hand I'm soooo happy it's done!

  • I didn't want net curtains in front of the kitchen window, but I also didn't like the fact that passers-by could look right at what's on our kitchen unit. Gerard made a special sticker screen that does let light in, but keeps out the glancing. To break the line there's a cat too; it looks great! See from the outside and inside.

  • Wonder and I are busy planning a special meeting for Beltane 2008. Together with Mol and Aphro we are making planns. The location has already been booked. It will be two days: Wednesday April 30 and Thursday May 1.

  • For my birthday money I bought a planner for 2008 with a beautiful leather binder. The planner is from Seasons of the Witch, with colourful pages and gorgeous images. I had seen the binder on their website a long time ago and it never left my mind. It was expensive, but worth every cent! If you live outside the USA I wouldn't recommend ordering the binder though: I had to pay almost € 35 import duty to customs!

  • We are invited at the home of Ron's eldest sister for Christmas. The rest of the family will be there too. It's going to be a brunch and thank goddess the dresscode is casual.

  • Some time ago I bought the CD/DVD Forever Cool featuring Dean Martin together with a selection of artists, singing his songs together. Among them Robbie Williams (a big fan of Dino) on "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone", but also Joss Stone, Kevin Spacey, Charles Aznavour, etc. I listen to it a lot! If you click the link you can listen to samples of the songs. The DVD contains 25 minutes "making of" and interviews.

  • I bought 2 new DVDs last week: The Jungle Book and Harry Potter 5. We have watched them both. Jungle Book will always be one of my favourite Disney-movies, I love it! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was good. I'm looking forward to 6 and the final year!

  • Over here in The Netherlands the little children are excited, because Sinterklaas has arrived. On December 5th he brings all of them presents. I wrote a TT about the tradition of Sinterklaas last year. The Christmas rush has already started too, but it only gets going after Sinterklaas.

  • I love wordgames and puzzles. I've been addicted to games like Tetris and Mahjongg. For some time I've been playing BookWorm online in Dutch and English, but now I have BookWorm DeLuxe and I just can't stop. It's a bit like Tetris with letters. You are supposed to make words.

  • I received another postcard for my bloggers' postcard exchange. If you like to send and receive real postcards from around the world, feel free to join in! If you send me a postcard from your town/region of residence, I'll send you one from mine. Send me an e-mail through the link on my site to exchange addresses and we'll have a deal!


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  1. Looks like I get to be your first comment! Happy TT-13 to you!

    I love the little Tinkerbell!



  2. Loved your list! Happy TT all the way from the U.S.
    Best wishes.

  3. Sankt Nikolaus comes to our house on Dec 5th, following the German tradition...
    Hope the upcoming celebrations will help you feel better and back to "normal" very soon!
    I have read the first 3 HP books, waiting for my son to lend me nr. 4 to catch up :)
    Happy TT !

  4. Glad you are feeling closer to "normal". Have a great holiday!

  5. There's nothing wrong with a good cry and feeling sorry for yourself. We all deserve it.

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. I understand Depression. I have Post Partum Depression. It's not fun, somedays you need those days to cry out. :)

  7. Oh I love word games too

  8. I've always wondered hw to play Mahjonng. I often saw it being played in the Far East and it looked so complicated.

  9. Loved your list, and Doggy is just sooooo cute! Thanks for visiting my TT.

  10. So cool! Love the list! Happy TT and Thanksgiving! :)

  11. I am a former Tetris addict. I would play for hours and lose myself in that game. I got quite good at it--too good. Had to give it up. LOL! I wasn't getting any writing done. :-(

  12. Great list...lots going on in your life...Happy TT and Thanksgiving.

  13. Hang in there! I hope your depression lessens soon.

    What an original name, Doggy. LOL!

    Happy TT!

  14. You're a busy girl...Happy TT.

  15. Glad you had a good cry, we all need that sometimes. But what is even better is the support. I hope you are feeling better. I know you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but none of us need a holiday to be Thankful. Happy TT. Thanks for sharing a little piece of you!

  16. I can hear your depression lifting, Tink. Keep focusing on all the good stuff -- including us nutty TTers who visit you every week!

  17. I love that picture of Dominique's tiny hand on her mother's! Gorgeous! Harry Potter 5 isn't out here yet on DVD...not til 12/11. Waiting patiently!

  18. Most of all, I hope you're feeling better.

    Cheers from Australia ....

  19. Great list Happy TT I love the cat window screen its beautiful..I am glad you were able to take time and recharge its important to take care of yourself to also I hope you keep feeling better-

  20. Tink, I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been sad, too. So many emotions this time of year. I am glad you have support and lots of interesting things to do.

  21. I love the daughter and mom hand shot. Baby Dominique is so tiny, vulnerable but she is a little miracle. Happy TT, Tink!

  22. Poor girl I know what depressions are I had it for years and always in this time of the year. From September until January. It was called a seasonal one, but still you have to go through it. I wish you all the best !
    I have a question. In the flemish part of Belgium a lot of people don't have a Christmas tree because they celebrate more Santa Claus. How is it in Holland did your parents already had a Christmas tree when they were children ??
    I ask you that because my son's (dutch)girlfriend doesn't seem to know how Christmas is celebrated in Germany or other countries.

  23. We celebrate St. Nick in our family because I have Dutch heritage, I learn so much more about Sinteerklaas though from friends such as you. Becautiful, and I do hope that your depression is getting better, I know too well how that can be.

  24. That screen is a very clever idea.

    I hope the blackness begins to lift for you soon ((hug)).

  25. This is a fascinating list. I love your kitchen window. I think I need something like that.
    Baby monique is so beautiful.
    Hope you're feeling better with all your comments!.

  26. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} Tink. I'm a firm believer in resting and recharging batteries. Hugs and puppies help a lot, too!

  27. I love puzzle games too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  28. hope you feel better soon!!

    and I LOVE border collies. they are so intelligent.

  29. Wow you have been busy, happy TT


  30. Good choice on #1...I am afflicted too and as much as it goes against my natural do sometimes have to succumb to it and recharge.

    If you look on my blog and click on the category of book will find some good books on the subject. Tracy Thompson's books are excellent!

    Would love to take you on in Tetris!!! I love it!

  31. I love the randomness of the list! :)

    My TT is up

  32. I've had my depression issues as well so I understand the moment of realizing a cycle has returned.

    I hope you feel more yourself soon. Thank you for the links. I have to get the Seasons of the Witch Calendar now. :)


  33. Happy Thursday Thirteen,
    the baby is sooo absolutely adorable, and i have the name Goddess pendant as the woman holding her in that photo!

    Doggy would definately be easy to love

    i'd like to send you a postcard from Canada!

    Come Visit my TT


  34. Snuggling with my Terrorist and the three beotch kitties who let me live in their house always makes me feel better.

    Hopefully, this too shall pass for you. If not, check out my shits and giggles list. I guarantee that you will smile at one or more of them.

  35. Great list. Nothing wrong with machine sewing. By hand is so hard.

  36. Somehow the name Sinterklaas sounds kind of creepy.

  37. Oh good luck with the depression; I know just how you feel. It sounds as if you have a fun holiday season before you. I hope you feel better so you can enjoy it fully.

  38. Wow, you've got a lot going on. I am struck by a common thread I find among people, who I know and love, who suffer from depression...and that is...doing a lot. Taking on so is a good thing because it shows how much you love life and wantto participate. It's a kind of agitated depression...and I get it too. One thing very important is learning to delegate and to be able to say no.

    sometimes, a person so busy is really a person who is uncomfortable with saying no...and the best is to say maybe. heh heh!

    I love reading these random things going on...and I think it sounds great you are going to a family for Christmas. This might help you have less things to put on "your to do list" during holidays as well.

    Thanks for sharing such a personal aspect of your life. I hope you take asome B and C vitamins...I know it helps around our house when we take natural source vitamin B every day. (sometimes twice!)

  39. This is a fun list.

    If you've got another 7 things on your mind, maybe you'll feel like doing this meme:

  40. Dearest Tink and the mommy! Do take heart and be kind to yourself right now. Mommy always thinks of the ocean when she is feeling blue.
    Love and hugs from Miss Peach far awy in America
    PS: isn't Alkmarr where the famouse flower auction is? Holland must be a beautiful country to live in so full of history and magic!


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