Sunday, November 11, 2007

Elements workshop Marian Green

Yesterday and part of today I attended another workshop by Marian Green in Amsterdam. The theme this time was "The Elements". That sounds like a very basic thing and in fact it is, but you can study the elements at several levels. Earth, air, fire, water and spirit go far beyond the well-known correspondences. This time we took it to a deeper level and it was very interesting! We did some exercises to experience things for ourselves and to make them clear. Saturday we ended with a beautiful guided meditation through the elements. I was too tired after a long day, but I'm definitely going to do it again.
We also looked a bit closer and deeper to the structure of a ritual. What we do, why, how, etc. Although everyone had ample experience with rituals we all learned new things, new perspectives.
Marian has so much knowledge to share and she does it in a very good and nice way. I feel privileged to be part of this studygroup. An outsider might say we just talk a lot, but I learned so much. I have a lot of new stuff to contemplate, great! I like food for thought. :-)

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