Monday, November 05, 2007

Samhain on the Brookberg

This weekend Wonder and I celebrated Samhain with the Children of the Circle on the Brookberg. We both needed it! Wonder is going through a rough time and I had to unload some major stress.
The lake always looks beautiful, but the colours of autumn were splendid. Bullocks were grazing. The surroundings always do me good, the peace and quiet calms me down. We put up the tent with the opening towards the lake.
The first round in the sweatlodge was hard on me. I couldn't surrender myself to the heat, but fighting it only makes it harder. I was thinking about quitting, but Wonder convinced me to do the other two rounds also and I'm glad he did. They went a lot better.
After dinner we wrote down things we want to let go and things we'd like to have (not material). We burned them in a big fire to let the fire transform the things we wanted to let go into positive energy to feed our wishes. Afterwards we went inside to complete the ritual. It was very very late when we finally went to bed.
The next morning after only a few hours of sleep (yawn!) we had breakfast together. We tidied up the space and put down the tent. I walked to the lake for the last time this weekend to say goodbye. I filled my bottle with water from the lake. I don't know why, i just had to. I guess I'll need it some time!


  1. Thanks for the links to the pictures - they're beautiful. Where did your sweatlodge come from? Did you make it yourself?

    The ceremony sounds wonderful. I have a friend here in Nova Scotia who does a similar ceremony with friends on New Year's Eve. They put all those pieces of paper onto a little mini boat made just for the ceremony, float it out onto the bay and light it on fire.

  2. Hi Julia!
    A new sweatlodge is built every year at Imbolc. Read here:
    The framework of wood stays in place for a year.

  3. The lake looks beautiful, but COLD in these pictures! Glad you were able to stick it out with the sweat lodge, sounds like you got the release you needed.

    I am one of those people who would fight it and be miserable. I just can't deal with humid heat. I don't even like it when the bathroom gets steamy during my shower!


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