Thursday, November 01, 2007

Samhain with the Witchy Girls

Yesterday I celebrated Samhain with the Witchy Girls. For this occasion we hired a scouting clubhouse in the neighbourhood. We decorated the main room and lit it by candles and the fireplace only; really beautiful! We put up an ancestor altar to honour those that have gone before. In front were three cauldrons and around it extra decorations. The corner looked great.
We set the dinner table for ourselves and our ancestors. We all had two sets of everything. In the middle were candles and decorations. It was a very plaesant and homey atmosphere. We each invited our own ancestors. I invited mum and dad.
We all contributed something to the dinner. I brought drinks and some snacks. We had pumpkin soup, a vegetarian salad and stew of pumpkin, beef & potatoes. Very yummy! For dessert we had tiramisu and pumpkin pie. Oh, the guilty pleasure! ;-)

Later in the evening we did a wonderful Samhain ritual outside. Together we set up the altar. I did the west, element water. On the four corners we had a candle in a big jar. We asked Hecate and Hades to guide us to our ancestors.
Each of us asked their ancestor(s) a question, the answer would be in divination. Some took a tarot card, others a rune. When I asked mum and dad for guidance, initially they stayed in the background. I felt someone else and was surprised to see it was Wonder's dad. He asked me to take a card for Wonder first. Then he disappeared and I felt someone else again. It was Ron's dad, asking me to take a card for Ron after that. And finally mum and dad gave me the third card. I took 3 cards, all major arcana! For Wonder I had the High Priestess, for Ron the Hermit and for myself the Chariot. (click the link to read the meaning)
After the cake & wine we closed the circle, cleared out the space and went inside. We drank and ate something and then it was time to say goodbye already.
A wonderful Samhain!


  1. sounds like you have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing I loved looking at the photos

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate Samhain! The pictures of your celebration are wonderful; I love all the candles. Just gorgeous!

  3. Ik voelde me helaas niet lekker met samhain, dus heb niets gevierd :(
    Beide vieringen van jou klinken erg mooi. Ik heb wel een vraag over het hulp vragen aan voorouders; kan dat verder geen kwaad?
    Misschien rare vraag hoor, maar ik durf dat nooit zo goed; mensen die overleden zijn aanroepen. Ik heb dan altijd een beetje het gevoel dat ik ze dan stoor. Maar dat is misschien meer mijn eigen idee, dan dat je daadwerkelijk iemand zou kunnen storen als ze fysiek niet meer met dingen bezig zijn.
    Snap je me nog? :) Het is nog erg vroeg en ik heb slaap, dus mijn woorden komen er niet helemaal goed uit...


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