Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guided Tour

Our friend and neighbour Monique works for Menzies Aviation Netherlands at Schiphol Airport. Today was a special day for family and friends. We got a guided tour around the company premises. It was very interesting and nice to see these things so close: air cargo, import/export, transport, very big sheds/hangars, etc. The last part and for me highlight of the tour was a demonstration by Diag-Nose with search dogs. Really amazing what they do! The dogs are very enthusiastic, weel-trained and loved by their human collegues. They really see the dogs as co-workers and obviously care about them very much. We also got a demonstration of a new technique called RASCargO, where the dogs don't even have to go into the cargo sheds. Again, amazing! The guided tour lasted more than two hours of walking-standing still-walking, etc. Very tiring, but very worthwhile!

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