Monday, January 14, 2008

Driver's license

Last Thursday Ron got another setback. We went to the cityhall to renew his driver's license. Ron also has a license for lorry/truck and trailer; in Dutch we say "groot rijbewijs" (big driver's license). The civil servant asked him if he had been examined. It is not commonly known, but for 2 years now it is obligatory to be examined for people renewing their "big license". It was a major blow, but at least we could make an appointment for an examination last Friday.
Ron was very nervous for the test, there was so much depending on it for him. Unfortunately his fear was grounded. Because of Ron's depression there's a very real possibility he can't renew his truck license! The burn-out and anti-depressants are no problem... Ron was devastated to hear that. His license has practical but also emotional value for him, because his father was a truckdriver. So stupid it will be difficult to renew! If he had renewed it before November (before the depression was diagnosed) everything would be fine for 10 years. It's just nor fair! Ron is a very good driver, car or truck. And it's not only me saying that!
Hopefully there is a way to try to prevent all this. Ron's psychiatrist will write a note saying his depression is due to his mother's death and he's doing better already. The anti-depressants have been subscribed because of the burn-out. The examination doctor said that with such a note he would make a chance. So... fingers crossed! If you can send energy, light a candle, etc... Please do so!

Last saturday I wrote and performed a ritual with Wonder at his place for Ron. It was very powerful. In a meditation we struggled with the demons in his head and defeated them. I wrote them down and burned it in the cauldron. Then we meditated on Ron getting better, healthier, working in a job he likes, etc. I carved a green candle and rubbed it with a special oil. I felt a lot better, the trust that everything will be okay is back. Ron has felt something (peace and quiet) too, directly after the ritual.


  1. Oh that is really sad, what a disappointment ! I hope with the doctor's certificate it will work !

  2. {{{hugs}}} Crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts!

  3. That's said to hear - I'm so glad Ron has a kind and loving person like you around - I'll thinking of him and with good thoughts in the days to come too - good luck!

  4. Add my thoughts to yours and everyone else's, Tink. Sending ((hugs)) and strength.

  5. Bureaucracy tries to get us everytime, but the people will win! Sending you love and light from Oz.


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