Tuesday, February 05, 2008

COT #10: cats & computers

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Cats and computers are a great combination.
Well, most of the time anyway.... ;-)
I'm a big fan of cat-blogs and all kinds of cat-sites!

On a random search I've found this:
USB Kitty with two infrared sensors to help its master to alert any intruders by shaking its head and producing many different sounds. When you walk away from your computer and there is somebody want to touch your PC, it will meow, hiss and sing melodies in order to scare away the intruders.

My own cats have a love-hate relationship with my desktop and laptop. They are very interested, but hate it when I'm busy too long! Then they try everything to get me to pause and pay attention to them!

Snoopy (still dearly missed...) just jumped on my desk and occupied the keyboard!

Bastet likes to chase the cursor all around the screen!

Maia is very interested in just about anything that's on the screen!

Another nice thingy I found here:

Happy (Cats on) Tuesday!


  1. That noisy cat is really cute, now you put something in my head ! I am thinking if I should buy it or not, lol ! My cats are not interested at all in the computer, not even little Rosie. She never walked on my keyboard, she only sits on my desk between my chest and the keyboard and there she sleeps with her head on my arm ! Only once Pookie jumped almost in the screen because I had opened a blog with bird songs on !!

  2. Anonymous5/2/08 10:39

    Yes my Boots likes to interrupt me when I'm at the computer and will often add a few words of her own to my posts :)

  3. My one month old kitties are still too young to jump up onto my computer table. What I realized now is that when they want attention, they will pounce onto my feet and gave me a kitty bite. It could be painful at times too.. :P

    Luckily my other two adults are better behave. They only sleep on my lap... so far :P

  4. Bastet, we like to chase the cursor too! Fortunately, we can both climb into our mom's lap when she's at the computer or studying.

  5. would you believe that my cats have actually IM'ed people? Like this:


  6. Anonymous5/2/08 15:38

    We like it when there's another kitty meowing at us and we walk all around the monitor trying to find the kitty.

  7. One cat likes to lie beside my computer and watch me type. There is a game I sometimes play online and my boy cat can get so upset. He doesn't like the noise of it or something. He will come in to check on me and end up in my lap and battling the screen. It is so strange. I think he thinks the computer is evil when that game is on!

  8. Mine love the cursor too. They just want more attention when they sit on the keyboard. One day you'll see a typed message from them..."Give me the attention! It's all about you know who!"

  9. What a cool invention....mahalo for sharing it with us COT tribe! Anela has never taken to the computer...not interested at all. I wonder why since I'm such a computer nut.


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