Monday, February 18, 2008

Our godchild

Yesterday Ron and I have been to Groesbeek. Our friends there asked us to become godparents to their eight-year-old son Jaimie. We were very honoured and accepted with pleasure. His parents, uncle and perhaps his brother will be baptised later in the same church (Roman catholic). In April Jaimie will do his first communion.
The ceremony was in a beautiful church in Groesbeek. It was a private mass in which some members of another family were baptised too. The pastor was a friendly man and very good with the kids. Everyone present got involved. I have lit two candles for my mum and dad in front of the statue of mary.
Afterwards there was a little party for Jaimie. He got a cake with his picture. We stayed and chatted until late. We were home around half past 11 in the evening.


  1. What a wonderful honor to be chosen as godparents! Hope the party was fun and that you will enjoy your new roles!

  2. I bet you'll make wonderful godparents!


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