Friday, February 22, 2008


ARA what? ARA R.A.T., or Ara Ritual Apart Together. The Journeys Apart Together we did (like this one) are a success, so we wanted to try something a step further: doing a ritual apart in our own homes but together in the astral temple we created some time ago! We prepared everything like we usually do for a real-life ritual together.
Because of personal stuff and stress my preparation was later and less thorough than planned. To get into it more I made a lay-out of the ritual from the several mails we exchanged beforehand. I made a cosy place in my room with a stove, nice blankets, candlelight, incense I got from Sorcha, cake & wine, notebook, etc. There I prepared myself before we started. Of course I made a picture.
We all started at 9pm as planned. It was a very interesting, fascinating experience. Visualizing everyone, everything went so easy; it really was as if the others were right next to me. When we cast the circle from hand to hand I felt the circle buidling up one by one. When we passed energy it felt very powerful; my hands were very warm and tingled. In the grounding exercise I became a tree. My roots went down into the ground, where they met the roots of the other trees in the circle. Six trees, but one ball of roots in the earth, one being, one spirit. It felt wonderful.
For the shamanic journey we planned I had to come back a bit to put on the CD, but it wasn't disturbing me or interrupting really. When I made myself comfortable again I was back in the temple. We were lying in a circle. There was someone drumming for us, but I didn't see him.
The journey itself was amazing. I did the exercise we discussed before. I also discovered a wonderful place. A green spot looking out on the beach, with trees behind me and surrounded by animals. I sat down and meditated with my eyes open. I felt good, at ease. My black panther told me I can always come back to this place when I need to relax and recharge. I know I'll go back there!
I stayed for a while until I had to return to the astral temple. Everyone was waking up quietly. Then all at once everything passed by faster and faster: the cake & wine, the thanking of the elements / God and Goddess, opening the circle. Before I knew it I was back in my room. I made notes and did a real cake & wine for myself.


  1. Dat klinkt echt schitterend! Lig je trouwens bij je meditatie of doe je hem zittend? En is het mogelijk voor je katten om in de buurt te komen?
    Prop heeft namelijk de eigenschap op mijn gezicht te willen liggen en me helemaal af te lebberen als ik op de grond lig - maar als ik hem buitensluit gaat hij hard lopen miauwen. Hoe gaat dat bij jou thuis?

  2. Het ritueel deed ik zittend, voor de journey ben ik gaan liggen. Mijn katten en Foofur zijn graag bij me en ik heb nooit last van hen. Foof likt me wel eens en de katten snuffelen af en toe, maar meestal liggen ze ergens bij me. Op de een of andere manier voelen ze het verschil met gewoon op de grond liggen, denk ik.


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