Monday, February 25, 2008

Witches' Cafe Utrecht

Sunday Wonder and I went to the Witches' Cafe in Utrecht. He would come to Haarlem, I'd pick him up to drive to Utrecht. Things didn't exactly work out as we planned though, so eventually I drove to The Hague and then we went to Utrecht. The cafe was at a new location, but it was easy to find. The cafe was from 4pm until 9 pm, so we had dinner while we were there.
There were a lot of people I know, but I also met some others for the first time. I enjoyed myself very much. Wonder and I had a very interesting conversation with Ina Cüsters-van Bergen, Magus of the Order of the Temple of Starlight (a modern Western Mystery school). Her path is not the one I have chosen, but very interesting nevertheless. I can recommend her book De Weg naar de Oude Mysteriën (The Road to the Old Mysteries), at the moment available only in Dutch but she's working on an English translation.
We left around 9pm. Wonder drove to The Hague and then I drove home. We had a great time, so it really bears repetition!

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