Monday, February 04, 2008

Natalee Holloway - case solved?

This case got worldwide media attention for almost three years now and I followed it all that time. I just watched Peter R. de Vries' astonishing coverage in which he reveals how he got Joran van der Sloot's full confession. You can read the whole story here.
I was shocked by the way Joran told his story to a friend. He just sat there looking and acting completely indifferent. He didn't even check if she was really dead. He didn't even lose any sleep over it. He doesn't feel guilty. I don't have words for this... As Natalee's mother Beth said in the report: "I hope his living hell is about to begin."
I hope Beth and the rest of Natalee's family and friends will find a way to cope with this awful outcome. They have my deepest sympathy...


  1. I am really lazy and I don't want to read the story - what did they find out? Guess I'll hear all about that and the Super Bowl tomorrow at work.

  2. I did not see all of this (too busy celebrating Carnaval) but I still have my doubts. There wasn't any concrete evidence, and I don't like Peter R. De Vries' smug smile. Maybe Joran, being the liar we know he is, made this story up too...? He seemed pressured into coming up with something for his not so kosher friend..?


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