Friday, April 11, 2008

Druid Plant Oracle

Druisd Plant OracleMy favourite tarot deck (and thus the one I work with) is the Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington. I also have their Druid Animal Oracle.
Recently I heard about the release of a third deck: the Druid Plant Oracle. I had earned a lot of gift vouchers by filling in online polls and surveys, so I ordered it right away. This week it arrived and it is everything I suspected. I love it! The cards are beautiful, and the companion book gives a wealth of folklore, myth and interpretations for each plant and gives both oracular spreads and ways of working with plants that can act as guides, allies and healers. The cards can be combined with The Druid Animal Oracle cards to give readings from the animal and plant realms. The cards are the same size and, similarly, they possess borders of leaves and berries. There are 36 illustrated cards and 3 that are blank. If you have an affinty for a particular wild plant not featured in the oracle, you can take a photograph and paste it onto one of the blank cards.

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  1. :) I know the feeling of having a deck that you have a special affinity for! For me, it's my Sacred Circle deck; I do love it.


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