Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy, busy weekend

Friday evening I did a Ritual Apart Together with the Ara Lowlands group, all at our own homes. We met in our astral temple. I had been very busy, so my preparation was not that extensive... In the beginning I couldn't concentrate fully, so I did an extra relaxation exercise. That worked, but I had to hurry to catch up with the others. There was a beautiful full moon above the temple (as it was in real life outside). I evoked the Moon Goddess. We charged ourself with the energy of the full moon and directed the rest into a bowl with water.
We made a journey with the purpose to ask the Moon Goddess what we need in the near future. To me it was as if she talked to me from the moon down. I was restless and she calmed me down with her voice. She smiled and suddenly I saw my mum and dad approaching. We hugged and cried from happiness to see each other. It felt so good to be with them, really feel them. We walked along the beach together and then to my meditation spot. Mum and dad sat down and I curled up in front of them in fetus position. Dad sat by my head and mum by my legs. I felt their love and warmth surround me. It was like they were all around me, forming a cocoon of loving energy around me. I felt so good, safe and secure. They whispered to me: stop pushing yourself, take rest when you need it, listen to your body, take care of yourself, we are proud of you, we are always with you. I just relaxed and enjoyed being there. Together we walked back. I didn't want to say goodbye, but I had to. They said it wasn't a farewell, because I can always come back to them whenever I need it.
After a while I returned in the temple, where I just sat and reflected on that wonderful journey. For the cake & wine we used the charged water and mooncookies. We thanked the elements, I thanked the Moon Goddess, we opened the circle from hand to hand deosil, clockwise (normally we do it widdershins, anti-clockwise). We walked down the hill and returned to our own homes.

Saturday Ron and I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair on the grounds of Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens. Every year in April since 2001, around 25,000 people from all over Europe come to this fantasy event which includes fantasy, medieval and witchcraft. Two-third of the visitors transform themselves into orcs, magicians, witches, dragons, knights, vampires, elves, unicorns or a combination of these. There was a lot to see, to do and to buy! We had a great day.
I bought a book featuring the art of Peter Pracownik, who has a remarkable knowledge of myths and legends, especially when it concerns Celts, Saxons and King Arthur. This knowledge has been a huge influence on his art work. It has an aura of magic, enigma and mystery; full of legend and lore. Peter’s work is used for cards, posters, cd covers (Blackmore’s Night), band t-shirts (Grateful Dead), Tarot decks and more. I have his LOTR Tarot. I have always loved a certain pentagram art image, but I didn't know Peter made it! I bought a card and a little tile of it. Peter signed my book.

Sunday we were up early to go to Wonder in Rijen, where we would have a meeting with the team organising the Beltane 2008 celebration. It was a good meeting and we dotted the i's and crossed the t's. We are really looking forward to the gathering!
In the afternoon Ron and I drove with Wonder to Leiden. We were invited to a book presentation of "Het Heksenhuis" by Jacqueline Zirkzee, a historic novel about witches and witches persecution in the 17th century. I have invited her to our Beltane meeting and she gladly accepted to present her book there once again. This was the official presentation of the first book though, with a talk by the publisher and a special dance by 4 dancers. Afterwards we bought the book and let it get signed by Jacqueline.
We drove Wonder back to Rijen. His mother was out for the night, but had prepared dinner for us nevertheless. Yummy!

All in all a pretty busy weekend! A bit too much for me, I'll need some time to recover. I was worth it though!!

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  1. I like the picture of Jacqueline Zirkzee from your link - love the look in her eyes. Sounds like an amazing weekend. No wonder you need to rest!


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