Thursday, April 17, 2008

TT #79: Reiki


Thirteen things about Reiki

Some years ago I've done Reiki level I and II. This week I started with Reiki level III to become Master. In this TT I'll tell you some more about this form of healing.

  • The name Reiki derives from the Japanese pronunciation of two Japanese characters that describe the energy itself: 霊 rei (meaning 'unseen' or 'spiritual') and 気 ki (meaning 'energy' or 'life force'). The most widely used English translation is 'universal life energy'.

  • Reiki is a healing method that is both magnetic and radiatory, and which operates on all levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The energy that is channelled through the hands does not have to be directed into specific areas of the body, as it will flow to where ever it is needed - just as the sea smooths the sand on a beach, filling the holes and levelling the sandcastles.

  • Mikao Usui is the founder / developer of the system of Reiki. It is based firmly on the esoteric principles that were represented in Japan in the early part of last century. Usui brought together, in a unique way, the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy transfer techniques like Chi Kung (in its Japanese form of kiko), Tendai Buddhism in terms of energy exercises, empowerments and spiritual teachings, and Shintoism in terms of techniques used to control the energies.

  • Reiki is not a religion. It is very spiritual in nature, but there is no belief required in order to learn and use it. The beauty of reiki is that it will work regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

  • Level I: Learning to apply the Reiki energy. It includes information and hand positions for self-healing, direct healing with others and pets, and group healing teams.

  • Level II: Learning to radiate more profound healing and healing from a distance. Using the first three Reiki symbols: the distance symbol, the mental symbol and the power symbol.

  • Level III: Learning to work with the master symbol that transfers healing energy to the source (cause) of the symptoms, learning to teach and attune/initiate others.

  • The most important parts of each stage are called the initiations (meaning new beginnings and abilities). These are also called attunements, and are just that: a tuning in to the Reiki energy which brings about a remembrance and a reawakening of the healing capacity and transformational powers accessible to each person.

  • Animals, like people, benefit from Reiki. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, fish, ferrets, horses, or other larger animals, you can use Reiki to help your pets. Any animal that receives regular grooming from a human is probably receptive to being touched for Reiki. If you want to give Reiki to an animal who is not usually touched, such as fish or wild animals, techniques can be used for Reiki from afar, such as beaming and distant Reiki.

  • Anyone, from children of 5 to people in the last stages of their lives, can learn Reiki. It is not necessary to have any special knowledge, experience or talents, only a desire to learn. It is not even necessary to believe in Reiki, although experience of using it soon makes it hard to deny its existence, even if it remains an unexplainable mystery.

  • A Reiki treatment supports the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When a Reiki practitioner places his/her hands on an area of their own or a client's clothed body, energy flows through the practitioner into the client. This transfer may be felt as any type of sensation (heat, cold, vibration, tingling, unusual heaviness, etc.) or sometimes as no sensation at all.

  • Reiki is not intended to be a cure. It does however improve the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is not intended to replace a physician or other health care provider! It can be a very valuable addition to other treatments though.

  • There are 5 Reiki Principles (exact words can vary):
    Just for today,
    - do not be angry
    - do not worry
    - give thanks for your many blessings
    - devote yourself to your work
    - be kind to every living being

Reiki UsuiMikao Usui (1865-1926)


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  1. I've never tried reiki myself, but I've heard very good things about it. I'll have to try it one of these days.

  2. I am a Reiki master and have been for years. I love that one can use it on one's self, and quickly on those in need. I consider it one of the best things I've ever done - learning and becoming attuned to Reiki.

    Blessings on your journey to becoming a Master.



  3. Fascinating.

    The Pink Flamingo

  4. Your TT's are always so educational.

  5. Oh, I have to admit "worrying" is the greatest reason why I cannot sleep at night. I am such a worry wart. I should try this sometime.

  6. I would like to learn Reiki one day :) Happy TT

  7. Now that was very interesting. I have never hard of Reiki before.

  8. Gosh, Tink, good for you! I bet you'll just love being a Master. Are there a lot of them in the Netherlands? We have a bunch here in colorado and LA (where I'm from). I've never connected with Reiki - although I think it's excellent stuff.

    What a journey for you! I'd love to hear about how YOU'VE changed and grow with this!

  9. After reading your T13, I remembered where I had previously heard about reiki. On the shelves of the bookstores where I worked, we had titles on the subject.

  10. Thanks for teaching me about this form of therapy! It was all a mystery to me until your blog!

  11. A friend is also becoming a Master. I think all things that work together for good is definitely the way to go. Why limit ourselves?

  12. My best friend is a Reike master and I had to research it for one of my books, Juliana. Fascinating list. Happy T13!

  13. Beautiful! And congratulations for going on to level three. My husband works with a hospice program providing reiki. I admire him very much for his work.

  14. I had a coworker that knew how to do that. He never did it on me but it seemed pretty cool. Happy TT:)

  15. I don't think I have ever heard of it.

  16. I have never tried that but heard lots about it when I was in Japan. Happy TT!

  17. Congratulations and best wishes, Tink!

    I'd heard a bit about Reiki some years ago from a woman in a military spouses' group, but, as happens all too often, she moved away before I had a chance to get to know her better or to learn more. What I have heard is fascinating.

  18. Anonymous17/4/08 16:02

    This is wonderfully informative Tink. I'm glad I made sure to get back to TT this week.

    May your journey on becoming a master be blessed!

    Happy TT


  19. Very cool explanations and list! Thanks :) A friend of mine is a Reiki master. I've been meaning to get with her and see if Reiki can help my back pain...worth a try!

  20. Interesting information, thanks. Happy TT

  21. know I didn't know almost anything about this. Once I was stressed out and a wikkan friend got her friend to come and give me some reiki...and it massively helped but I had no idea what she had done or the background of th practice.

    I love visiting yourTT lists always learn something new!

    I am slow and late today but here it is my TT list:

  22. I’ve been interested in Reiki for many years but really don’t know much about it. Thanks for sharing this information in your T-13 today. I do practice the 5 Reiki Principles regularly ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. I've had many good works of Reiki done to me over the years and am planning on taking a class next time it is offered by my community.

    Great List and it's wonderful to find another Witch do Thursday 13s.

    Because I found so few Pagan Bloggers, I've set up the Pagan Blogger's Network, Check it out the more the merrier.

  24. Great TT! Love the info! :)

  25. This sounds like something I need to look into. I've wanted to try alternative healing methods, and so your post is a great first step for me. Thanks!

  26. Never heard of it, but it sounds really, really interesting. I believe in making an atmosphere for good vibrations and a way to collect energy - this kind must be a perfect way. Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  27. Anonymous21/4/08 04:02

    I've heard the word but never really heard an explanation before. This was very informative. The principles it is based upon seem like an excellent way for us all to live our lives.

    Enjoy your journey to Level III!


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