Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday morning I had an appointment with the internist. My bloodpressure was much better: 130/90 (in December it was 150/100). The thyroid values are good. My cholesterol level is too high, my iron value is still too low. I told him the fatigue has gotten worse and I don't feel okay, but he just talked over it. Ron and I both tried again, but he didn't say anything about that. I get the feeling he thinks it's all "between my ears", but he can at least say that. Now I don't feel taken seriously, that hurts and makes me angry!

After my appointment we drove to Rijen to see Wonder. He had to go to the hospital for a check-up on his leg and to take out the stitches. They also made new x-rays. The leg is healing at a normal rate (slow), the doctor was quite content. He has to come back in 4 weeks and is not allowed to walk on his leg until that time. If everything goes as it should he can start to put weight on it from then very gradually. The whole process from the accident until more or less complete recovery will last around 6 months.
We stayed for dinner with Wonder's mum and to keep him company for some time. It was very good to see him again! We talked some things through about the Beltane meeting and chatted for a while. Much too early it was time to go home again.


  1. He lieve Tink, wat een vervelende ouderwetse dokter: luistert u maar naar mij en ik hoe niet naar u te luisteren. Goed dat je je bloeddruk naar beneden hebt gekregen. Neem je ijzersupplementen ofzo?

  2. Ja, twee ijzerpillen per dag en drie tijdens mijn menstruatie. Ik heb al ijzertekort sinds ik ongesteld ben geworden, al jaren dus. Zelfs met injecties en pillen blijf ik aan de ondergrens van de "goede" marge. En dat onder de rook van de Hoogovens, hihi!

  3. Anonymous21/4/08 04:41

    It sucks when the doctors don't listen to a word you say! If you become agitated because they don't listen, this confirms their unspoken diagnosis that it is "all in your head!"

    Good luck.


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