Monday, December 04, 2006


Doesn't the title say it all..? Beware, I'm not in a happy mood...
I've always loved (the time before) Yuletide. Normally my season's greetings would be ready to be send, the ornaments would be unpacked and waiting for the tree. This year I just can't seem to find the spirit. I don't want a tree, I don't want to decorate. I just want to go to sleep and wake up next year. I miss mum, I miss dad. Yes I know, I'll miss them next year too, but this time of year it's just worse. I feel blue, down, hurt.
Has someone seen the Christmas spirit? Please send it over to save me from this feeling...

23.45u I know it's not all this dark. There are things that I do look forward to. I'll just have to make the best of this time. It's okay to feel sad, as long as I stick to that basic positive feeling deep down inside me. Sometimes it's easy to find, sometimes it's a bit harder, but I know it's there!

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  1. Maar het is toch niet nodig om iets te doen dit jaar? Sinds mijn oma is overleden versiert mijn moeder de boel ook niet meer. Ze viert nog wel kerst, maar ze denkt dan ook vaak aan vroeger.
    Geef het tijd, het is nog allemaal zo kort geleden gebeurt. Je kan niet van jezelf verwachten dat je met de feestdagen niet over je ouders nadenkt.
    Ik snap dat het niet leuk is, dit gevoel, maar het is normaal.
    Dikke knuffel, en sterkte.


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