Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Home cleansing

Ever since Ron and I have moved into our present home I have been planning to do a house cleansing. During the rebuilding I put a blessing in one of the walls downstairs, but never came to do more. It is an old house (1918) and a lot of people have lived here before us. It has been a dairy shop and later several families lived in 3 apartments.
I have noticed other energies in our home from the beginning, especially upstairs. Although Ron and I are very happy with the house and with each other, there was something about it that made me feel tired, uncomfortable. Wonder noticed it too when he stayed here. We planned to do the cleansing together. First we wanted to do it when Ron wasn't there (he doesn't like the smell of incense), but since Ron is still home from work we decided to do it yesterday evening.
We cast a circle, lit candles and burnt an incense mixture of Californian sage, Palo Santo, patchouli and sandalwood in an Abalone shell. I took a white candle to bring the light, Wonder took the shell and a feather to move the smoke around. Together we went to every room in the house to remove old energies and residue of past emotions, and to recharge with love and light. We moved on when it felt right. In the bedroom I got shivers, burps and felt sick. Wonder had a similar experience. We both felt a negative force and saw/knew what had happened in that room. Let me just tell you it wasn't very nice... It took some extra effort to get rid of it, but afterwards it felt better. Wonder smudged the room, bed and my dreamcatcher. Then we went downstairs. That felt better, probably because it is all changed and new. We opened windows, put on all the lights and let the candles burn. We closed the circle. It was a tiring experience and we both needed something to drink and eat.
It's a bit early to draw any conclusion, but the house feels a lot better. I slept remarkably well last night. Even Ron mentioned he wasn't wet of sweat when he woke up. I hope it continues to feel this way!

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  1. I need to do a cleansing on this apartment again. I kept thinking I would throw away/give away some things first. Lots of clutter around here and I think it is drawing down the energy levels. I'm glad your home feels better
    Also I love your next post on Yule. I hope yours was wonderful


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