Thursday, December 14, 2006

TT #20: holiday decorating

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Thirteen christmas decorations

Yes, I yielded to the temptation of decorating my home for the holidays all the same... and I'm so glad I did. It feels warm! I'll share some pics with you in this TT. Some are a bit blurry, sorry.

  • the tree, a Nordman that doesn't loose its needles easily
  • the crib under the tree and close (yes, Christian; it belonged to my parents)
  • the star on the top of the tree
  • the fairy Ron gave me last year
  • the decoration I gave Ron last year, it says "surrounded by love" in Dutch
  • two red hearts bound with a silver ribbon, symbolizing our love
  • Monique gave me a card and a beautiful little angel to give me comfort when I miss mum, it's hanging in the tree
  • Foofur and Freyja under the tree, Bastet in the empty box after decorating;Boris doesn't come near the tree
  • on the door is a card holder, we still need to hang up some lines for the other cards
  • the old windows on the long side of our home inside and outside
  • the window on the front of our home
  • the corner window shows the tree from outside
  • the table while writing holiday cards and after, I bought cats & dogs charity cards when I was in London in September


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  1. Gelukkig dat je het toch hebt gedaan. Ik heb dit jaar voor het eerst ook een echt versierd huis. Mijn moeder heeft al haar decoratie aan mij gegeven - ze doet er echt niets aan - en dat staat bij mij wel leuk, maar bij haar mist er toch die sfeer.

  2. Wonderful tree and beautiful ornaments and decorations. The photos of your pets are great! So you put your nativity scene under the tree? Neat. I've never seen that done before - we've always put ours on a table or shelf somewhere in the house.

    Happy T13. :)

  3. It looks great! We have yet to drag the decorations out of the attic. *sigh* I think my husband's hoping if he waits long enough, he won't have to do it at all.

  4. Tink--Beautiful decorations! I especially love the nativity set at the bottom of the tree--that's a good place to put it. I also love the decorations you and Ron gave each other and the tree from the outside.

  5. What a beautiful tree. I think my parents had the same nativity scene. And pets and trees are just perfect together.

  6. What a cool list! You sound like a festive person!


  7. Whoopee what great photos. It is a real treat to see inside your home and imagine your life a little it more.

    I love your decorations...would you say you have any that really reflect your Wicca side? I mean, the deal is a tree originally was a pagan object of worship right? Does Wicca have some images and icons you could tell us about for the winter festival...I justlove stuff like that.

    Beautiful home and photos and I am so impressed how orgaized and tidy you work...

    The post before my Thursday Thirteen, if you get a chance check it out...because I took photos of what a MESS my house was because of all the shopping and organizing and whatnot.

    Here is my TT list...

  8. I don't do the 13 but do like to read them. I enjoyed yours. It is so much fun to see photos. I love to peek into others homes and see all the pretty things. I especially like your card holder for the door.Great idea

  9. That table looks wonderful...nice and solid. Is it an antique? Or at least an older table? I love older furniture.

    And I like the heart ornaments.

    My 13 are up.

  10. How beautiful!!!

    It's amazing that we can look at lights from our homes now!!!

    I wish I could be so neat & organized while doing my cards...maybe if I was, I wouldn't keep putting it off!

  11. We did not get any Xmas things, because we're off to the Netherlands for Xmas. Will be weird coming from midsummer, falling into cold and Xmas. Here the Xmas songs seem a bit silly, while it is 35C!

  12. I'm a bad mom; I don't decorate. I opt to take my kids to look at other people's houses.

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  14. What a beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing...and stopping by my blog.

    Happy TT!

  15. Lovely decorations - they look like lots of fun to play with. :) You have lovely cats too and a beautiful tree. :)

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  16. Thanks for the fun pictures - I really need to get a card holder - I like yours! And the nativity set is beautiful...

    Thanks for stopping by, Happy TT!

  17. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your world. IT all looks gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  18. Thanks for popping by to visit me...I'm running late visiting this much to do.
    But I really enjoyed all your photos...and love your dog and cat. They're so cute!
    Happy Holidays to you.

  19. very nice list!!! thanks for stoping by my list!

  20. Hello! Checked out your T13. Beautiful decorations & beautiful pets! =) ..I've always loved the Nativity Scene with little baby Jesus in the manger. After all, He is the real reason for the season.. Merry Christmas to you & your dearest ones!


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