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TT #19: divination

Thirteen methods of divination

Divination is the art or practise of foretelling the future (or past) and/or communicating with the supernatural when seeking guidance using different methods.

  • Tarot, the most well-known tool of divination. Often used is the Rider Waite Deck, but there are numerous decks available. I use the Druidcraft Tarot.
  • Runes, an ancient Germanic alphabet often put on stones, pieces of wood, etc. You can buy a set ( I have one), but I want to make my own set.
  • The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the world's oldest book (approx. 4000 years old) and earliest known intuitive decision-making system, based on the binary logic of yin/yang.
  • Scrying is a method of divination by gazing into the shiny or reflective surface of an object. A crystal ball is the most well-known scrying tool (on this picture you can see mine), but you can also use a black mirror, water, oil, etc.
  • Witch stones, a set of eight natural gemstones painted by hand with symbols of magical tools to throw on a pentagram casting chart. You can buy a set, but I made my set in a workshop years ago.
  • Graphology: handwriting analysis
  • A Pendulum is often used for answers that require a simple yes, no or undetermined answer, but it can also be used with a chart. You can make your own pendulum or buy one. This is mine, made of black tourmaline.
  • Tasseomancy: reading tea leaves, or coffee grinds, or wine sediments.
  • Palmistry or hand analysis
  • Bibliomancy: divination using a book. The book will be opened at a random page and while keeping your eyes closed you will point at a line or passage in the book.
  • Psychometry: the ability to "read" the history of certain objects and/or their owner by holding the object
  • Ouija Board, I mention it because it is known by a lot of people, but I can only give one advice: DON'T! It can be dangerous, especially with unexperienced people who don't know what they are dealing with.
  • In fact almost everything can be used for divination. This list is just the top of the iceberg. If you're interested to read more, just put "divination" in Google and you'll have plenty to explore!


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  1. wow, this is fascinating, of course! it's almost all new to me! I have had a lady read the Tarot cards for me, but no idea what she used. She was very accurate, I must say. But I have a mixed feeling about these things, I am not sure I want to know what the future might bring but on the other side...

    Happy TT!

  2. Oh, what a coincidence. I just read a book this week that involved Tarot cards. Interesting list!

  3. I'm still working on making my own runeset. It's looking great, but takes a lot of time.
    Interesting TT, as usual!

  4. Interesting! I had heard of some of these methods before, but not all of them. Thanks for the information.

    Happy T13. :)

  5. Very nice and fascinating!
    I really enjoyed reading your list!

    Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,

  6. then there's taking Divination as a class like Harry Potter. :)

  7. Interesting list. I bought a book over the I Ching years ago but never actually followed through with action after reading it.

  8. Thanks for sharing this very interesting TT! I learnt a lot!

    Happy TT from Germany,

  9. Very interesting....I have a set of Godess Oracle cards and I love them.
    I haven't tried any of the others you mentioned.

  10. This is an interesting list--kind of reminiscent of Harry Potter's divination class, as Carmen said.

    Then, as Mar said, "But I have a mixed feeling about these things, I am not sure I want to know what the future might bring but on the other side..." I have to say that I can't believe in these things. Well, I know they are real, but I feel that they aren't things we had best be getting into. Like you said, the ouija board can be dangerous--and maybe the others, too!

  11. Yes good old Google knows everything ! Thanks to the Tarot, I know now that I am an emperess. A pendulum is also used to find water sources, but as it rains all the time in Belgium I don't need one. Or maybe to find old bones and medals of Napoleons battle field, as I live in Waterloo.
    Opening a book page to know what will happen, I did when I were a teenager, sometimes funny things came out !
    But all these divinations have to be handled very carefully and are really not for very impressionable people !

  12. Nice List. Love your pendulum. Mine is made of wood.

    I have not heard of Witch Stones.

    Found you from Snarkypants. Happy T13!

  13. Wow thanks for putting this up, though how will i know which one works for me?

  14. Thanks for the list. I have lots of those goodies myself

  15. I have always been into divination though I still believe no one can predict/know the future. I also believe in being psychic as I have little psychic abilities myself. I've had the tarot read for me before. I had two amazing readings, but others were nonsense. The ouija board has always terrfied me so I'm glad I never tried it. Interesting topic :-) Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Ahhh!! I'm so glad I stopped by your site today. I'm working a plot line into my new story about reading the future. I was going to go with Tarot, but now I think I like the idea of biblomancy (sp) better.

    Thanks for posting and happy TT!

  17. OK... Thats more than I knew from watching Harry Potter.

    Thanks for the read.


  18. I love this list...I grew up in a family that practiced aso many of these things. We also went to healings on some evenings. I remember seeing "ectoplasm" when I was a kid.

    My boyfriend wants Tarot you have any advice I will get him some for his holiday stocking...shhh, don't tell him!

    Here is my list late today, sorry...

  19. I had a hand analysis once-it was very cool, and right on!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  20. I have a friend who does Psychometry and another who reads Tarot cards. I find it all very fascinating. Great TT. :-)

  21. I have always been interested in Tarot Card readings.

    There was a lady one time who read my palm and what she told me was so true.

    Happy TT!

  22. Kewl beans. When I was young, I used to use a needle and thread as the 'pendulum' method. You know, if it swung back and forth across my wrist, the answer was 'no'; if it swung up and down, the answer was 'yes'. I wonder how many people have done this?

    My mother used Tarot and I Ching, but I've never tried them.

    I've also used Graphology. It's quite interesting and telling.

    Bibliomancy is something I've just done for fun, when bored, but never to actually give myself any type of direction.

    Honestly, I normally rely on my inner-self for direction. However, I do use astrology and numerology as a means to understand the motives and personality of others.

    Happy T-13 and all that!

  23. Wow.. interesting..You always come up with a list that brings me to a new world...thank you

  24. You always have such interesting TT. Once again, I learned something.

  25. I've heard of Ouija and Tarot of course but the rest was very educational. Thank you!

  26. Wow, that is really interesting!


  27. What an interesting list. I think I need to do some research and reading !!!
    Hope your week is going well.
    Take care, Meow


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