Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stress and relief

Yesterday Ron had an appointment with his psychologist and later his boss stopped by for a visit. Both went okay but it was a busy and stressful afternoon, so Ron really needed and wanted some distraction. A friend invited us to go to the Comedy Cafe. On Tuesday nights there is Open Podium for stand-up comedians: new talents and professionals that want to try new material. I've been there before and liked it very much. Yesterday was a great night with mostly good comedians. We enjoyed ourselves and Ron was very relaxed.
We were home around 1am. I was very tired, but felt okay. Before I went to bed I had to go to the toilet. When I was leaving the bathroom I got a black-out and fell on the ground. Ron and Wonder put me into bed. I was away for 15 minutes. When I "woke up" I was even more tired and cold, but Ron was warm and I fell asleep very quickly.
This morning I had to go back to the internist. My blood pressure was 160/100, lower than before but that could be because of my black-out. I can drink all tea flavours again, as long as I keep an eye on the ingredients. I'll have to take a medicine to lower the blood pressure. My thyroid values are fluctuating slightly, I have low ferro values and the sarcoidosis is decreasing. Next appointment at the end of March.


  1. Wat ben je dan lang buitenwesten, een kwartier...
    Is dat voor Ron en Wonder ook geen paniek situatie? Of zijn ze er al aangewend?
    En kunnen de doktoren nog steeds niets vinden wat het kan veroorzaken?
    Doe voorzichtig he!

  2. and probably why you were cold too

  3. @ Nathalie: De ergste blackout duurde tweeënhalf uur... Ook daarna was ik moe en koud en had hoofdpijn. "Normaal" duurt het tussen 10 en 30 minuten. Ron en Wonder schrikken niet zo erg meer, al is het nooit leuk of makkelijk om te zien natuurlijk. De oorzaak is helaas nog steeds onbekend.

    @ Sparky: yeah, probably!


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