Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lungfunction OK

Today I had to do the lungfunction test and see the lung specialist. I was very nervous and restless. It reminded me of mum, who hated these tests. I've been there with her a zillion times, but never had to do it myself. In a way I think there was some kind of hidden fear also: dad died of cancer that started in the lungs, mum had lungproblems all her life and there are several more relatives with it. I know they all are/were smokers and I never smoked, but still...
I had an appointment at 10.30am, but had to wait for almost an hour! The test itself wasn't that bad, but let's say I understand why mum hated it. I did it wrong a few times, so I had to start over. I got very light-headed and dizzy. After the tests the nurse gave me Ventolin, I had to wait again and then do the tests all over. That didn't make it better, with Ventolin I did worse!
Finally the lungspecialist called me in. He listened to my lungs, looked at my lung scan and went over the test results. Outcome: my lungfunction is good, everything's okay! Pfew....


  1. yea, good news!

    Is that the test where they take a plastic thingy and make you blowwwww a long time

  2. Yes, that's it, Sparky!
    Thanks both!

  3. I found your blog via bond's blog.

    I'm happy that your tests went well. Losing my father of lung cancer about a month ago, I know the importance of having this tested often.

    Thanks for sharing the results and raising awareness.

  4. I'm glad everything turned out good!

  5. Sophie en Denice8/12/06 15:28

    Gelukkig maar Tink!

    Je bent in mijn gedachte hoor al reageer ik niet zo vaak!


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