Monday, June 11, 2007

Ara Lowlands

Last Saturday there was an Ara Lowlands meeting at Sorcha's place in Amsterdam. Unfortunately not everyone was able to attend. Pity, because we don't see each other that much anyhow.

We met in the afternoon to make a start with our own robes. We all bought 4 meters of unbleached cotton. Most of us never made any clothing ourselves; we'd better use cheap fabric the first time. Liza offered to help us; she is trained and has a lot of experience, so we gladly accepted! Sewing isn't (and will probably never be...) a hobby of mine, but through making my own ritual robe by hand I'm putting my personal energy into it. That's valuable and important to me. The process is a great way of team building too. It was fun to be busy with it together. Liza helped us measure and cut the cotton and told us how to proceed. At the beginning of the evening the robes were put together with basting-thread. At home we'll do the stitching and hems.

All the work had made us very hungry! We got ourselves Indonesian takeaway at Murni Permai on the other side of the street. I had a lot of food with beautiful exotic names for just € 8,- and it was very yummy!! I couldn't even eat all of it, so I gave Sorcha my leftovers to put together with hers for the next day.

In the evening we cast the circle from hand to hand. We sent energy around the circle and although we were only with five it was very powerful. By doing some exercises we worked towards creating a "Cone of Power" by dancing around, chanting and drumming. We directed the energy into a bowl of water in the middle of our circle. Then we each drank some of it and offered the rest to Mother Earth. After grounding and opening the circle we did some scrying (water in a dark bowl). I couldn't concentrate myself fully because of some back pain, so I'll give it a try another time.

Afterwards we discussed other important stuff about the group, the next meeting, etc. I agreed to set up a Google group, where we can mail and file things. I did it yesterday, but it will need some additional fine-tuning.
Close to midnight we said our goodbyes and left. I travelled by public transport and was home around 1am.


  1. We have really enjoyed sewing together- When it was ChaoticKitty's handfasting, me, Kitty, AD, Beautifu1 and Woo all sewed our robes together, and there was an amazing sense of unity......

  2. sounds very impressive Tink!


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