Sunday, June 17, 2007


Wonder and I have got an invitation to join the drum circle at the handfasting of two of our friends, Molaris and Aphrodite Moira on 7-7-07. I always wanted to have my own drum. I'll make my own one day in a workshop with the Children of the Circle, but that's quite expensive so I'll have to save some more first! So for now I decided to buy a drum. We went to the shop where Wonder has bought his drum, The Celtic Shop in Bergen op Zoom. They had just had a festival, so the stock was a bit thin. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and narrowed it down to two bodhrans. One was fully decorated in vivid colours. Not my style, so the decision was easy. My drum has a Celtic decoration, which looks catlike: exactly my style. :-)

We made a stop near Breda to visit Wonder's special tree in the Mastbos. It was raining all day, but when we got out of the car it was dry and even a bit sunny. It is a special tree indeed, magical! A mighty beech, sharing his energy freely. I felt connected with him immediately. We stayed a while, walked around him and sat on the big roots against the trunk. The roots next to me formed a little basin with rainwater. In it I found a little branch. Wonder pointed out another branch, so I took that too. When I dipped it in the basin I knew it was for me, and the other one was for Wonder. We thanked the tree for his special gift to us.

In Tilburg we visited De Malle Heks (the silly witch), a great shop specialized in witchy stuff, fantasy and the like. It was wonderful to look around. We didn't find something for the handfasting, but I did find a little wooden chest. I just couldn't leave it there! :-)

At 4pm Wonder had an appointment with medium Margot Lit of Healingpraktijk Sirius in Eindhoven. She is the wife of Benjamin2Bears and works with drawings and healing. I was allowed to stay during the session and it was very interesting!

Ron had been at Gaialynn's place all day to do some odd jobs. Wonder and I joined him after we had been in Eindhoven. Gaialynn had made dinner and we stayed for a while. Around 10.30pm we drove home after a very tiring but wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Tink,

    I have two bodhrans. The first one my husband bought for me out of a catalog. It has a pretty Celtic animal on the head but it's not very big and doesn't have that big booming sound I like.

    When we went to Ireland in 2000, I ducked into a music shop in Dublin and came out with my "big boomer", and 18" drum with a plain, goatskin head. Nothing fancy, but I love the sound. :)


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