Thursday, June 07, 2007

TT #43: Google services

Thirteen Google services I use

This blog is powered by Blogger, owned by Google. I use a lot of Google services, so I thought I'd list them for this week's TT!

  • Google Search - the basis, the start of everything. I use it every day multiple times.
  • Gmail with Notifier - webbased mail with very good spam protection, 2.8 GB free storage and other great features.
  • Google Reader - easy feedreader. I use it to keep up with all the blogs I want to read. In the BlogRolling widget in my sidebar you can see which blogs I added to my reader.
  • Google Earth - "Explore, Search and Discover" is the slogan and that's exactly what I do. Very addictive, before you know it hours have passed!
  • Google Toolbar - It has a lot of very handy features, which are well worth exploring.
  • Google Groups - groups and electronic mailing list service. Of course there's also Yahoo and MSN, but Google does it better. Bonus: it is also possible to access Usenet newsgroups dating back to 1981, to read and post.
  • iGoogle - personal startpage. Easy to adapt, add stuff, choose a theme, etc.
  • Google Page Creator - an online website builder that allows you to create web pages known as “GooglePages” and publish them directly through your web browser. It's WYSIWYG, but you can also work in HTML. ~*~Tink's Niche~*~ is my Google Page.
  • Google Video - based on YouTube, a lot of people have found this service too
  • Google Alerts - An alert is an aggregate of the latest results from one or multiple sources into a single email to provide maximum coverage on the topic of your choice. You give a search term, the sources you want (web, news, blogs, etc.) and how often you want a mail.
  • Google Notebook - makes web research of all kinds easier and more efficient by enabling you to clip and gather information even while you're browsing the web. All findings are gathered into one organized location that you can access from any computer.
  • Google Book Search - searches the full text of books to find ones that interest you and learn where to buy or borrow them
  • Picasa with Web albums - software download that enables you to find, edit and share all the pictures on your computer. It also offers the Web Albums feature, which enables you to easily upload photos from your computer to the web for sharing with others. If you use Blogger, the pictures you upload to your blog are automatically stored together in a webalbum.

The great thing about Google services is that they integrate perfectly with each other; one account covers it all. Can you tell I'm a Google fan? :-)

(TT-Google graphic again courtesy of Emily)


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  1. Oh, hey, should I really be the first to comment here today? Wheee! :o)
    I must admit, I have never heard of most of these services. I only use the Google search and gmail - and I have tried Google Earth a few times, it is pretty nifty. Have to check out the other stuff sometime.
    My TT is just random stuff this week. Sometimes I'm just unable to come up with an actual topic... LOL

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and I have linked to your TT...
    As with samulli, I do not use most of these Google services either, but I am a huge fan of Google Earth...

  3. I love Google Earth and I use the Google Toolbar daily. I think I've gotten so used to everything Google I don't realize how dependant I am on it now.

    *hugs her laptop*

  4. My TT is up.

    Google alerts have been a God send with the pet food recall fiasco. I am so afraid I am going to miss a recall and buy contaminated cat food again.

    Having lost one cat to the pet food recall, I am extra careful about what I feed my surviving cat and the two new kittens

  5. I'm google nuts. Every random thought that pops into my head, I'm googling it. lol

  6. I think I need to save this list. There are a few services I haven't tried before that I'd like to. This is hepful information. I love it when I learn something from a TT.

    Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

  7. I use Google Search, Blogger, and Gmail daily too. I discovered Google Book Search while researching for free ebooks online. Those titles in the public domain can actually be read from 'cover' to 'cover' either online or downloaded.

    You've mentioned several here that I've either not heard about yet or just haven't got around to checking them out. Thanx for the tips.

    my TT this week is in honor of my husband's Grandmother who passed on Tuesday.

    thank you for your kind words on my post announcing her passing Tuesday.

  8. I had no idea that they offered that many wonder they're so popular! That GoogleEarth & Book Search are both pretty kewl! Thanks for the info, Tink!

  9. Well, I use google a lot, but you are by far more of a googleholic than me :)
    Thanks for the tips!

  10. I have gmail and I'm in one google group. I set up google reader, but I never use it. I've used google maps and google shopping (used to be froogle) quite a bit, though. I'll have to check out the rest of them.

  11. Ohh I've never heard of notebook or Google Book Search! I LOVE Google! *runs off to check out these unknown Google tools* I will have one of each before the day is through!

  12. I used most of the services except the video, page creator. Great list!

  13. Hey, thanks for dropping by *hugs*
    I'll link u up

  14. Interesting TT. I'm rather a techno-phobe, so I haven't used many of these features, even though they're sitting right there.

  15. I hardly use Google. I admit I'm more of a Yahoo user. I've been using it since 1994. Hehehe!

  16. I didnt know about all of those features....hmmmmm, thx:)

  17. i've wondered about some of these - thanks a million for the explanations!

  18. Now that's alot of google!! I do use the toolbar....and Google Earth is fun!

  19. Mines up too! I love my gmail =) That was a fun list!

  20. They have their hands in everything, don't they?

  21. Oh wow!!! I am totally bookmarking your 13 because I really need to learn all these google features. I hear people talking about "google this or that" and of course, I forget about it when I'm at the computer!!

    Thanks for posting all this in one place!!

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  22. I've tried a few of these things before, but I don't use most of them very often. Besides Blogger, I use Google search, Google Reader, and occassionally gmail. Maybe I should try out some of the other stuff... :-)

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  23. I really, really need to get that google reader. It's so dang hard keeping up with y'all.

    Bookmarked. Great topic.

  24. Very clever. I use some of these -- but not all. What is so nice, especially with reader, is that it goes with you wherever, and whichever computer you use.

  25. I'm a big google addict but your list beats mine :-)

  26. Great TT, I didn't know about a lot of these services.

  27. Hi, Tink! *waves*

    I am addicted to my Google Reader! I think that without us knowing it, Google has snuck into our lives and made itself vital to day-to-day existence.

  28. Thanks for the info. I wish I had more time in the day. There are some I would like to look into.

  29. I love my Gmail, I just love the way it work. The way the subject are attached and group together, making it easier for me to read, search and so on...I have not use google toolbar yet, but my father like it.

    Great list! Happy T 13!

  30. Google does offer a ton of services, don't they?

  31. Google is great. I love Google Reader, it is the bes thing ever.

    Happy T13

  32. Hey Google girl! Thanks for the great list of information. I'll have to check some of these out - LC

  33. Hi Tink, hoe is het met je?
    Lang niet gezien op je blog!


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