Sunday, June 03, 2007

Skype ritual

Friday evening Wonder and I did a ritual together while we were both in our own home. We were in contact by Skype. Ah... the wonders of modern technology! ;-)
Wonder is loved by his friends, but he hasn't found his significant other yet. He misses her before he even knows her... It hurts to see him this lonely, so I decided to ask the Gods for help. I meditated on it and got the answers I needed. I wrote a ritual from the heart with a love spell. I don't do spells "to get a lover back" or "to make someone love a certain other" or something like that. I think love spells are okay as long as nobody is forced, harmed or binded to anything though. It's a challenge to find the right words. I added some beautiful images and printed the file for myself.
Later I was talking with Wonder by Skype. I sent him the ritual and he was touched. We decided to do the ritual together. We each made arrangements on our own side. I forgot to take pictures of it, but luckily Wonder took this one. I was a bit too far from the microphone. Therefore we didn't perform completely synchronous, but that's fine. It felt very powerful, I think the universe got our message loud and clear. Let's hope we'll see the result soon...


  1. Hi Hon,

    what a lovely thing to do for him.
    You are a wonderfull lady. And thanks for visiting my log as wel :)
    Myrddin is growing so rapidly. Hope to she you soon, the festival season has been opened hihihihi

  2. I think it's very sweet, and I help you hope that the ritual went ok :)

  3. I DO hope so! Well...Tink was right. It was a very powerfull ritual, and the first result has already been booked... it setted my mind at ease. Uor rituals are very strong, and I know it's gonna be alright now...

    Love, Wonder!

  4. We had our last moot committee meeting with Mr Spicy Cauldron on skype....the wonders of modern technology!


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