Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thank Goddess!

Yay!!! Ron has a new job!! He is going to work for a VW-Audi cardealer/garage as head of the workshop reception. I know he has the skills and experience to make it a success. It is the job of the third interview last week. I guess the ritual I did has helped! This afternoon he'll be introduced to the colleagues and he'll start on Monday. He is a bit nervous, but that's quite normal. I'll light the green candle when he's left.

I regularly take part in rituals, meetings and the witches' cafe of Merry Meet, a pagan group from Amsterdam. For Mabon we went to the Amsterdam forest for a walk. The weather was good (the days before and after there was a lot of rain over here). We found a perfect spot (picture), where we made an all nature altar (picture). We did a simple ritual. I thanked the god and goddess on behalf of Ron and me for the new job, in words and by burying something in a special place (picture).

The Mabon ritual with the Witches of the Rose is cancelled. One of the girls got a surprise weekend-holiday to Sweden from her husband. The others and I will go for a walk in the dunes anyway and eat afterwards in the pancake restaurant nearby.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Preparing for Mabon

First a little update:
Last week (Sept. 8) I had my 36th birthday. I didn't celebrate or anything (no money), but I got some presents and a lot of cards and e-cards. I had a nice day. Unfortunately I'm not feeling too well these days, but that'll pass...
Ron hasn't got a job yet, but this Thursday he'll have a very promising 3rd job interview (the first one was right after the ritual I did for him). Fingers crossed, candle burning!

Fall Equinox / Mabon
I like fall. Getting dark earlier, the weather, the colours of nature, etc. My home is full of burning candles, it gives such a wonderful feeling. I do burn candles in the summertime, but that's different.
In a few minutes I have an online appointment (chat) with the Witches of the Rose. We are preparing for our Mabon ritual. I'm surfing the www and browsing through my own books and files to make a start.
How do you celebrate the Fall Equinox? Ritual, food, altar... whatever you want to share!