Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Busy Bee

I have been busy lately, still am actually.

The rebuilding downstairs makes progress again, finally. The walls are plastered in soft yellow, Havana Nuance Yellow to be precise. I love it! It looks great. Wanna see? (page 42/43, click under pic).

In the meantime a nasty flu got the better of me. I felt awful, tired, really sick. Last week I finally got well again, although I'm not too fit yet. A lot of people were surprised by this flu; Ron was, my mum and several others.


Like I wrote before the busier time in the spiritual sphere has come too.

On November 6th I had a Samhain meeting with several witches from a pagan e-mail list. I was a bit nervous, hadn't met any of them before. No need though, it was a very nice group of people and we had a great day. We visited the Melchizedek Global Healing Circle that was nearby. I had a special sensation between two trees there; I could talk to my dad, who deceased in 1996, and I heard him answer. He is always with me (one of my spiritual guides), but this time it felt more deeply. I had to cry, out of happiness... I still miss my dad every day.

On November 7th we celebrated the first anniversary of the Witches Of The Rose. We went for a walk in the dunes and found a lovely place for our ritual. One of the girls shared some joyful news: she is pregnant! She did a fertility ritual several months ago. It worked super: she is expecting twins! We have adapted our Midwinter plans and celebrate Yule this coming weekend at her place.

On a shopping spree I found my pendulum! I used a copper one before, but it never really felt good enough. Now I have one of silver and hematite with an engraved pentagram. I have worn it in my bra for a few days to give my personal energy to it. I don't use a pendulum very often, but I'm happy to have found the right one for me. I also bought a new date book for 2005. This year I used Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook, for next year I have the We'Moon Sacred Paths Datebook.

November 27th there was a Full Moon meeting of Merry Meet (who also organize the witches' cafe) in Amsterdam. I attended a workshop on Druidism that was given by Torc (Dutch/English weblog). It was very interesting! After he told us about Druidism and the OBOD, we did a beautiful meditation. Afterwards we held hands and passed the energy. I picked up some energy and it made me feel better. In the evening we did a ritual in the Westerpark. Another wonderful experience!