Monday, November 04, 2019

Blogblast for Peace 2019

Today I'm joining hundreds of bloggers across the world in a movement called "Blogblast For Peace". Although I seem to use my blog for just this movement, it is too important not to participate! Bloggers will unite in a global cry for peace in this annual event. One day. One voice. All it takes is one post. You can also join us by using social media. My globe will be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Post and share, anywhere you are online. It's that simple. Join us.

For my 12th year participating I chose a theme close to my heart: snow! As you all know I'm a winter-girl. I love snow and when I think of snowflakes gently whirling down it always gives me a sense of... peace! The stillness of a white winter wonderland calms my heart. Some time ago I found the quote by Layne Russell and it felt appropriate to use it for my peace-globe. We're living in a crazy world today; may our hearts cover it with blankets of peace...

To everyone: I wish you peace! One moment, one step can be the beginning; one person can make the difference!

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