Sunday, November 04, 2018

Blogblast for Peace 2018

Today I'm joining hundreds of bloggers across the world in a movement called "Blogblast For Peace". Although I hardly ever use my blog, this movement is too important not to participate! Bloggers will unite in a global cry for peace in this annual event. One day. One voice. All it takes is one post. You can also join us by using social media. Post and share, anywhere you are online. It's that simple. Join us.

It's the 11th time I'm participating. This year I decided to keep it simple. Peace should be simple, don't you agree? Still, finding peace in this ever changing world isn't always as simple as we'd wish... I believe real peace can be achieved if we focus more on the similarities and less on the differences between people, religions, countries, etc. When we really make an effort in understanding each other on all levels, that could be the start of finding peace in the end. That's why I chose this quote by Albert Einstein. Peace everywhere might sound like Utopia, perhaps it is, but I hope that won't stop us from striving for it.

To everyone: I wish you peace! One moment, one step can be the beginning; one person can make the difference!

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