Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Reiki II

Last Saturday Joke and I had the first day of our Reiki II course by Percy. There were two other girls, also sisters. One of the women we met at the practising afternoon in January was present to help Percy and as a preparation for her third degree.
After a chat and some general information we got the symbols of the second degree; they are used to send Reiki to situations (past, present or future, Reiki doesn't know time) or persons. Not easy to draw or pronounce!! It's an unwritten law not to tell or show the symbols. I know everything can be found on the internet, but I'll honour that rule in my log. While we were practising the symbols each of us was taken aside to receive our attunements. In the coming weeks we'll try and see what it does. On April 16 we'll have the second day to exchange experiences, ask questions, practise if we want. Afterwards we'll get our certificate.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Ostara!!!

Image hosted by

This image is made by Cynthia Rudzis. Her website is currently under construction, but her art is worth waiting for. The Ostara image is one of a series of eight: "Cats of the Wheel".

This weekend I celebrated Ostara with a group of online pagan friends. I had a great time. We made our own relic and talisman to use in a beautiful ritual which was all about respect and letting things go. In the evening there was a drum circle around the fire outdoors. It was very powerful!
Unfortunately I couldn't sleep, but instead I had a wonderful conversation with a friend I hadn't spoken for a long time. So it turned out to be time well spent! We have promised each other to stay in contact this time and we will.
Sunday morning very early we did a lovely little ritual to greet the sun and welcome spring. After breakfast several people sat around the large table and did readings for each other: runes, tarot, inner child, channelling, etc. Even though it wasn't for me personally this time, I picked up a lot to remember!
Before we went home there was a show with birds of prey: snow owl, uhu (big owl), buzzard and... a raven! They were all great, but I couldn't keep my eyes of that last one! I was allowed to have it on my arm for a while (wearing a leather glove of course) and I was speechless. Quite the experience!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Bon Appetit

I came across a fun website. Did you know the botanical name for chocolate is theobroma, which means food of the gods?? So why not make Chocolate Deities!?

Quotes from the website:

"Some folks say- But we can't eat the Deity! So they choose to place it on their altars as an offering. Others transmute it into another form: melt it to make excellent hot chocolate or sauce for a Sun Day. Most of the world over, however, after a food offering is made to the Deity, it is taken from the altar and consumed in a blessed repast."

"It all started nearly ten years ago when Jeanne Fleming and Jessica Bard were asked to make the hors d’oeuvres for an opening at a local art gallery. The show was entitled: Shrines and Altars. So, they decided to make a goddess entirely out of food, wine flowing freely from her breasts, and providing everything from nibbles to dessert." Read more...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Snow fun

We had a lot of fun in the snow today!! I hasn't been snowing like this for years. Ron has some days off and that was perfect timing. We had a snow fight with the neigbours, played in the snow with the dogs, just enjoyed this rare opportunity. I'm exhausted, but it was very much worth it.

Who knows... perhaps we'll finally have another Elfstedentocht!