Monday, October 31, 2005

Medieval Halloween party

Fridaynight I was invited to a Medieval Halloween party at Lothanna's place in Leiden. I didn't have any clothes to dress medieval or halloween-y so I borrowed Monique's dress again. In the afternoon I had bought a black witches hat with a buckle and a diadem with red devilhorns to complete my dress up. Ron and I had fun with Boris as we tried to make him look evil. Did we succeed... or not? Ron also made pics of me. I hate posing, but okay... Tink in a dress and make-up is pretty rare! ;-)
I arrived around 10 pm (hurray for car navigation!). The place was decorated in Halloween style, spooky but beautiful. The guests had done their best to dress up accordingly. Snacks and other food were provided and everyone brought something to drink (diet Coke for me as usual). In the hall was an ancestor altar where you could light a candle. The living room had a dancefloor with seats around it and a floor below was a lounge with big armchairs. I didn't know everyone that was present, but that didn't matter much. I also met old acquaintances and friends. I danced, talked, laughed... I had a great time! Before I knew it was very, very late... or early! ;-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OMG Rob...

Shortly before X-mas the new Robbie Williams site will be launched. The most exciting ever created, they say. There will be an Inner Sanctum again; paid this time, but with very interesting special benefits. I just need a creditcard to join and I don't have one.

In one of the RW mailing-lists I got a preview of the promotion clip. See and judge for yourself. I love most of it, but the last two shots... hmmm, I don't know... Without those it would be a fabulous promo; no need for the willy & nipple part. I'm no prude at all, but it just doesn't add something for me. He is looking a bit awkward himself in the last shot.
Nevertheless it makes me laugh out loud too, because it is just so... Rob to do this! He does have the gorgeous body to pull it off! The whole thing must be a joke to make sure the world will talk about it. In which case they succeeded. ;-)

Monday, October 24, 2005

One Word

Two weeks ago I got something in my e-mailbox that I decided to copy and send to my friends:
One Word
Describe me in one word - just one!
Send it to me (only me),
then forward this email to your friends
and see how people think about you.
Reply, it's fun!
Well, I can tell you it was a smash hit for my ego! ;-) It was so much fun to see the replies coming in. If you didn't send a reply yet, feel free to do so or post it here.
I'll share with you what I got back:
  • congenial
  • enthusiastic
  • pure
  • dear
  • honest
  • magic
  • Tinkerbell
  • friend(ly)
  • loyal
  • gezellig (Dutch word, no fitting translation)
  • attentive
  • understanding
  • helpful
  • intelligent
  • lil' sis
  • thoughtful
  • strong
  • twinsister
  • relaxed
  • persevering
  • animal-lover
  • spiritual
  • gentle
  • generous

A girl could get cocky from less, huh? To be honest my first instinct is to name all my vices to balance this list. Unlike me, I'm NOT going to do that; I challenge myself...

Friday, October 21, 2005


Yesterday I went to Amsterdam for the monthly SFGA-meeting. Luna Verde told us something about the origin of runes and how she uses them. Very interesting! I knew a bit about runes. I sometimes use them in a ritual (carving one in a candle, or placing one runestone on the altar). I've never used them in divination (yet), because I want to make my own set and get more acquainted with them. I'm still learning about tarot and I can't do everything at the same time. Luna showed us her set, selfmade from oak and branded with a soldering iron. Beautiful! She also gave us some info on paper, like this (about the Futhark, in Dutch) and this (about Anglo-Saxon runes, in English).
There is an online runecaster. I also use this site for info on runes.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Witchy Girls Night III

Saturday evening was the third Witchy Girls Night. We brought things to eat (cakes, chocolate, cookies, etc.). Sorcha took care of the drinks. She had made Witches Brew, spice syrup to put in the tea. Very yummy!!
The theme was "the veil and the crone" about Samhain, Hecate and getting older. We made an ancestor altar with pictures and things of our beloved ancestors. It was beautiful, but I can't post the pics I made because of privacy reasons. I can show you my section: I brought a picture of my dad and his pen (that I'm using every day).
For the ritual we used another altar. We casted the circle from hand to hand. We remembered the people who died in the burning times and honoured Hecate. Luna Verde had written a wonderful guided meditation. The black panther accompagnied me on the journey. I saw Carmen, my guide I met years ago in a regression. She offered me a gift and a warning. She warned me for energy-suckers and negativity. The gift was a pen, a message from daddy. I didn't completely follow the guided meditation (what's new? ;-) ), but afterwards I felt good.
After the cake & wine we drew cards from a deck called "Good witch, bad witch". It isn't a serious card game, but still the cards we got were somehow fitting. I picked the Hedge Witch; apart from a lot of good things she warns for people that drain your energy... Looks like the universe is trying to tell me something, huh?
We talked about what getting older means to us. To me it is something like a combination of physical decline and mental/spiritual growth. That's very black & white of course. I don't really have a problem with getting older, apart from the fear I don't have time enough to do all the things I still want to do. I'd like to get 150 (in a reasonably good health and if everyone gets to that age). :-)
It had become late already, so I called Ron who had promised to pick me up. It was another great night, not in the last place because of all the effort Sorcha and Luna had put into it!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Tonight I've been to Cineworld in Beverwijk to see Bewitched with my sister and a few friends. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I've certainly enjoyed myself! It was funny with real humor and hilarious with silly jokes. Sometimes a bit too much, but somehow that fitted in.

Nicole Kidman is one of my favourite actresses. She was a witch before in Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock. Of course these films have little to do with real witches and real magic. That's why some witches don't like them, but I do! I'm also a fan of the series Charmed, which comes a tiny bit closer to reality sometimes. But still, it is fantasy! As long as you remember that those movies and series are fun to watch.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Make me pure... but not yet!

Yesterday evening I went to the live cinecast in Amsterdam of the concert Robbie Williams was doing in the Velodrome in Berlin. It wasn't meant to be yet to see him really live, I guess. First I couldn't go to Berlin to buy a ticket in September, then the girls who did go didn't succeed in getting me one. I didn't have the money when I was offered a ticket with accommodation, I just missed out on tickets for the try-out in Paradiso in Amsterdam, didn't have luck in any of the competitions to win tickets... But thanks to my friend and fellow-fan Safchenka I did have tickets for the cinecast in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Yay!!

The concert was absolutely amazing! It was a mix of old and new stuff. I already ordered the new CD with DVD "Intensive Care" at CDWOW (only €14,99 and free delivery worldwide). From what I've heard it definitely is the best album he ever made. I can't wait to get it home! Rock, pop, ballads: he has it all! I especially loved the song he wrote for Elvis Presley: "Advertising Space"; to me it has the potential to become a big hit. But all the new songs sounded great!
Rob performed with a broken bone. He slipped and fell while playing football in Berlin on Friday, breaking a bone in his right arm. But he told the audience: "It's a special occasion. I've had an injection and now I can't feel a thing." Later in the concert you could see it was really starting to hurt a lot but he went on, as fabulous as ever. He seemed so much at ease and enjoying himself. He was moved by the reception he got all evening from the audience. When the crowd sang "Angels" to him, tears got in his eyes (and mine...).
No need to tell you who featured in my dreams tonight...... ;-)

Friday, October 07, 2005


Yesterday I had an appointment for another massage at home. Wonderwillow came early and we had Chinese take-away. We decided I'd give him Reiki first, because he had an after-dinner dip. ;-) He had brought some great music (Kitaro I believe), so I was relaxed and started. I did several positions on his head and torso. Next thing I know I was on the floor. I had passed out. I stayed "out" for more than half an hour. Afterwards I felt tired but okay.

It was a very long time ago I had a blackout like this, at least two years or something. I've had them irregularly since my teens; sometimes 3 in a month and then a few months none. It started after I got an elbow against my head in the pool, but no-one knows whether that is the cause. It has happened in all kinds of circumstances. I have consulted several specialists, but they didn't find anything wrong that could cause these blackouts. They are kind of strange. Without any warning I pass out. Most of the time I hear what is happening around me, but I don't react to anything. Vital signs are okay: pulse, breathing, heart, blood pressure, etc. It even happened in a hospital once, so the doctors could examine things right away. Again nothing...

I hope this time it was an incident and the blackouts stay away again. I feel sorry for Wonderwillow, I must have given him a real fright! In the past I warned people about my blackouts, but I really thought I was over them so I hadn't thought about it.